In today’s textile industry, yarn is a necessity, a need.

Whether you are operating a weaving factory or running a textile manufacturing company, it is the sole material upon which everything else relies.

The demand for this product is going up day after day. So if you are planning to buy in bulk for retail purposes, now is the best chance.

Thankfully, yarn is a widely available resource. But, being widely available is not synonymous with quality material.

Therefore, you need to be extra cautious when sourcing yarn, especially when you require it to be top-notch and no less.

Continue reading this article to find the best vendors to source yarn from at affordable wholesale rates.

1. Made In America Yarns

Made in America Yarns is the distributive branch of Huntingdon Yarn Mill in Philadelphia.

Their working space is equipped with twisting machines, skein dyers, package dyers, and expert staff.

This gives them the creative freedom to create and innovate new designs and also twist and dye yarns on demand.

The store boasts a large collection of different types of yarn perfect for all kinds of knitting and crochet projects.

A new addition to their collection, metallic yarn, made by twisting the yarn together with metallic strands, is set to create hype in the yarn market.

Check out their website: Made in America Yarns – Yarns from the City of Fiberly Love.

2. Silk City Fibers

Based in the ‘Silk Capital of America,’ Silk City Fibers has continued to supply quality yarn for many years.

A wide assortment of yarn with more than 50 styles in hundreds of different colors is available, along with custom dyeing services.

You can request sample yarns before making your purchase, and you will also not have to worry about increments and minimums on fixed orders.

The store prides itself on its rigorous quality-checking processes and fast delivery to its customers.

To obtain the list of wholesale prices of their products, visit their website and open an account.

Check out their website: Silk City Fibers: Luxury Wholesale Craft Yarns.

3. Plymouth Yarn Company Inc.

Plymouth Yarn company is a family-owned and operated business, flourishing since 1964.

When visiting their store, you can expect some finest quality yarn in the latest designs and vibrant colors.

Their basic knitting and crocheting collection includes yarns such as Baby Alpaca Grande, Galway, Dreambaby, and Plymouth Select Merino Superwash.

The store also offers a large variety of free patterns and numerous featured yarns.

They source their products globally so that retailers from all over the world can benefit from their services.

Check out their website: | Plymouth Yarn – Quality Knitting and Crochet Yarns & Patterns.

4. Remarkable Yarns

As is apparent from its name, Remarkable Yarns offers a fine assortment of unique and beautiful yarns.

The store readily provides its services to dyers, small manufacturers, retailers, and designers around the world.

Remarkable yarns pride themselves on being the exclusive distributor of Rosy Green Wool in North America and the global distributor for Crave Yarn.

As it is a wholesale services company, you can rest assured of affordable price tags and top quality.

Their services also include tagging, bagging, dropshipping, etc.

Check out their website: Remarkable Yarns.

5. Apricot Yarn and Supply

Apricot Yarn and Supply is all about natural fibers and eco-friendly yarn.

As an independent store, they aim to supply high-quality yarn to customers for little projects and to retailers for selling purposes.

A carefully curated yarn collection at Apricot Yarn consists of yarns made with different fibers such as wool, cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, etc.

You can also select your preferred weight of yarn and choose from a variety of lovely colors.

They offer free shipping for US residents on orders above $99.

Check out their website: Apricot Yarn.

6. Smiley’s Yarn

Smiley’s Yarn has been providing its services since 1935.

The brand recently shifted from an in-person retail store to a warehouse location and started carrying out business through a fully modified online store.

This was done so that the prices of yarn could be kept as low as possible while offering customers all the benefits of good quality yarn.

Some yarn brands available for sale at Smiley’s include Bernat, Patons, Lion Brand, Plymouth, Yarn Art, etc., at up to 75% discount.

Their shipping charges are fixed at $12.95, and they do not accept returns.

Check out their website: Smileys Yarns.

7. WEBS – America’s Yarn Store

Located in Western Massachusetts, WEBS is a second-generation, family-owned business.

Some yarn brands featured in their exclusive inventory are Blue Sky Fibers, Cascade Yarns, Lana Grossa, Rico Design, etc.

They also have separate catalogs for weaving yarn and knitting yarns which allows for a better shopping experience.

You can filter your preferences by weight, fibers, type, and brand or shop from the numerous featured yarns on their website.

The WEBS discount programs offer some great deals to customers.

Check out their website: WEBS – America’s Yarn Store | Knitting, Crochet, Weaving, Spinning …

8. Jagger Spun Yarn

Jagger Spun Yarn is a well-known name in the yarn and weaving industry.

They have developed a reputation for exceptional dyes, heather, and white yarn spun from 100% wool that blends with natural fibers.

The wool is sourced from different locations such as Australia, the USA, New Zealand, South America, and South Africa.

All the items are manufactured locally at their establishment in Maine.

You will find everything from high-quality naturally dyed organic wool to undyed natural yarns at Jagger Spun.

Check out their website: Jagger Spun Yarn.

9. Brown Sheep Company

Starting from humble beginnings, Brown Sheep Company has managed to evolve as a renowned brand.

Their wool is sourced from the company’s private sheep farms and brought to the spinning mill.

So, you are guaranteed to get the best products without making any compromise on quality.

The store boasts a wide array of quality yarns, including Natural Spun, both in cones and skeins, Burly Spun, Prairie Spun, Lanaloft, and more.

You can also shop for patterns and books, both online and in-store.

To avail of the benefits for wholesale retailers, you will have to sign up on their wholesale portal.

Check out their website: Brown Sheep Company.


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