With slim-fitting dresses and suits in style, shapewear is a go-to hand-in-hand garment.

It helps to sculpt and smooth target areas, namely the tummy and hips, which helps create an even look by highlighting your natural silhouette and helping you regain your confidence.

Apart from having an aesthetic advantage, shapewear is often prescribed by doctors for its medical advantage as well.

With its growing use, it often becomes challenging for an ordinary clothing retailer to lay their hands on reliable, quality-friendly shapewear that is also friendly on their pocket.

This article aims to lessen the hassle of finding reliable vendors for retailers like yourself, so you may always be on your customer’s wish list.

It will provide store owners, distributors, and E-commerce sellers an insight about reliable shapewear franchises for rapid, secure access, enabling them to collaborate on a more trustworthy account.

1. International Trade Alliance

It is a USA-based apparel and clothing company based in California.

They have been in business for more than twenty years, gaining a worldwide reputation as one of the leading high-quality and eco-friendly manufacturers.

Presently, they export to twenty-five countries located in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Their products are recognized for having medically correct designs, natural and breathable materials, colorful packaging, and affordable prices, thus being complete and rated #1 in the USA.

They use neoprene that provides excellent support, wool, and angora for breathability and warmth. They are FDA and medically approved.

Check out their Website: https://www.itamed.com/

2. Orion Manufacturing Inc.

Since 1979, Vedette has been designing and creating women’s shapewear, which helps achieve the desired body form for aesthetic purposes but can also be used medically.

It is well known for its firm control collections by using advanced latex technology in its shapewear.

They have a complete line of shapewear, waist cinchers, full body shapers, derriere enhancers, and compression garments, which provides comfort and support on a daily basis.

It targets its products toward a certain class of people, by using costly materials and focusing on detailed design in addition to function.

Check out their Website: https://www.vedettestore.com/cindex.asp

3. WaistDear

Waistdear is a wholesale brand of Hexin company, which has been China’s leading shapewear manufacturer since 2011. Their business covers more than 150 countries and territories around the world.

They are a fully integrated company with beaming, knitting, dyeing, finishing operations, and full garment in-house.

With their research and development, they have developed many hot-selling designs that help people look and feel confident in their skin.

They have killer bodysuit shapewear ranging from a price of $7 to $25.

Check out their Website: https://www.waistdear.com/collections/full-body-shaper

4. Shapewear Wholesale

Shapewear wholesale is a manufacturer of women’s underwear, specializing in seamless underwear, shapewear, and maternity products for women as well as basic products for men.

They are a creation of their parent company Depotel Gayrimenkul Ltd. Sti, who created this company specifically for the sales of women’s garments and shapewear.

They have clients in all 7 continents and 53 countries. Their biggest markets are in Europe, the Middle East, the UK, and the USA.

They offer over 70 different styles of women’s shapewear products (how amazing is that!).

They produce over 100,000 pieces per month, also giving the option of customization of their products to their buyers.

They provide discounts for bulk buyers depending on the number of pieces bought, which can be searched on their website.

Check out their Website: https://www.shapewearwholesale.com/

5. Feelingirl

They have been a professional manufacturer and supplier of women’s clothing since 2011, having an annual output of 2,000,000 pieces and a lead delivery time of two days with guaranteed quality of their products.

More than 4000 different styles are available in stock to choose from (Woah!).

They also sell neoprene body shapers to provide excellent support to their wearers.

It has a cost-friendly range of bodysuit shapewear ranging from $2 to $25.

Check out their Website: https://www.feelingirldress.com/contact-us/

6. Rago

Rago is an American shapewear manufacturing company. They have been designing and manufacturing shapewear since 1945.

Rago is unique for its shapewear construction, high waist, no roll guarantee, and no ride-up features.

They have high-quality US workmanship, with flat sewing and secure woven elastics which prevent the garment from falling apart after washing.

They also offer light in weight shapewear made with a light fabric with a 4-way stretch.

Rago has been recognized for its work and the quality of its products in magazines and by consumers worldwide.

Check out their website: https://ragoshapewear.com/e:

7. Wanzhanxing Apparel CO. LTD.

Wanzhanxing is a professional shapewear manufacturer with a high production and punctual delivery system, an eye-catch for buyers.

It has customers from all over the world, namely the UK, USA, Canada, and UAE to name a few.

They are a devoted follower of producing eco-friendly products thus incorporating these ways into their product making.

“innovation, efficiency, integrity” is the company’s motto, and they sure stand by it, when accessing their products.

Check out their website: https://www.wzxmart.com/promote/shapewear

8. NF Seamless Manufacturing Company

NF seamless specializes in manufacturing seamless shapewear, making them extremely comfortable to wear underneath your clothes.

They are a one-stop apparel point with very high quality and all kinds of shapewear and men’s and women’s apparel.

They also provide the option of customizing your very own shapewear, without compromising on their quality.

They are a go-to stop for the ones looking for comfort as well as style!

Check out their website: https://www.seamlessnf.com/seamless-shapewear/


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