Rhinestones are imitation gemstones made from glass, acrylics, and quartz.

They are mainly used in artificial jewelry and apparel as a replacement for original gemstones.

Rhinestones are also seen glued to the skin in several fashion shows. The new trend of adding rhinestones to your makeup has given a sudden rise to its sales, especially in the US market.

As per current trends, rhinestones have increased in demand.

A lot of shop owners and online stores often look for wholesalers to source rhinestone incorporated items.

If you’re one of them, this article will be of assistance to you.

Some of the main suppliers of rhinestone in Los Angeles are listed below.

Dreamtime Creations

Dreamtime creations is a global supplier of rhinestones for jewelry artists, fashion stars, and jewelry stores.

It was founded in 1989 by Cindy Wilson with a passion for styling her daughter’s looks with rhinestones.

They are known to stock as many as 30,000 Dreamtime crystals at a time to provide a same-day delivery service to their customers.

They have seven categories of rhinestone items available for wholesale in their collection.

They have Flat Back Rhinestones, which can be attached to apparel, stationery, and such items. They have acrylic rhinestones which are commonly used in the footwear industry.

There is much more to their collection of rhinestones.

To view their products and to submit a wholesale application, visit their website: https://www.dreamtimecreations.com/category/1970/rhinestones/.

Nova Rhinestone Depot

Nova Rhinestone Depot was started in 2008 by an apparel company in Los Angeles.

They are primarily located at 2121 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, California.

They also have another warehouse in Houston, Texas.

They started by supplying their products to apparel manufacturing companies.

In a short span of time, they have grown to have supported a large number of entrepreneurs with their businesses.

They have two Rhinestone categories, Hotfix and Flat Backs.

They also have their own brand of crystals called Clarus. These are premium quality, machine-cut crystals that are consistent in size and shape.

The hotfix rhinestones are specially made rhinestones that can be attached by heat to textile materials to give a sparkling effect.

Visit their website for more details: https://novarhinestones.com/wholesale-rhinestones-crystals/hotfix/clarus-crystals/.

AGP Apparel and Handbags

Rhinestones have become very common in crossbody bags for women.

AGP Apparel and Handbags is one of the most famous apparel outlets, located at 210 E. Olympic Blvd #440A, Los Angeles, CA.

This is an ideal platform to source rhinestone accessories for small online businesses on Instagram and Facebook.

It has a variety of rhinestone stud bags available for wholesale.

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, they have been supplying garments and accessories all over the US.

They have rhinestone products for all price ranges, ranging from $5 to over $100 apiece.


Tobias and Alysha

The company was started by Michael Crisp and Steve Parrish 22 years ago.

They were consulted by buyers for their high knowledge of crystals. Soon they became renowned wholesalers serving in California.

Leading designer studios source their rhinestones from Tobias & Alysha for their authentic rhinestones.

Their outlet is located at 6161 Santa Monica Blvd. Unit 101 Los Angeles, California.

They have crystal jewelry and souvenirs made from rhinestones and other crystals as well.

This company only wholesales its products and requires a resale license for purchases.

Call (310)313-2323 or email at [email protected] to book an appointment.

Visit their website to check out their products: http://www.tobiasalysha.com/photos.

Planet Rhinestone

Planet rhinestone is another supplier of premium quality rhinestone products based in Los Angeles.

It is located at 820-2 Maple Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

Customers at Planet Rhinestone have the option to choose an original design and order changes according to their personal choice.

They supply wholesale rhinestones to several retailers across America with flexible terms and conditions.

Their products include Rhinestone bodices, fringes, bandings, brooches, and rhinestone fabrics.

Their registered wholesaler members are offered exclusive discounts for orders above $300.

To apply for wholesale membership, visit https://planetrhinestone.com/apps/wpdapp.

Beads Factory

Beads Factory is located at 810 Maple Ave. Los Angeles, CA.

The company is a 27-year-old wholesaler and retailer brand of jewelry, accessories, and Preciosa and Crystallex crystals.

Known for its relatively lower prices and excellent customer quality, Beads Factory has a wide variety of rhinestone beadings and jewelry.

It has Crystalax, Preciosa, and Bohemian Crystal Rhinestones in different shapes and sizes.

Exclusive deals are offered on their social media platforms.

To view its products and contact them for wholesale supplies, order online through: https://beadsfactory.com/.

Axiland Rhinestone Depot

Axiland Rhinestone Depot is located at 305 E 9th St Los Angeles, California.

Axiland was started in 2007, and within a short time, it has established its supplies in over 50 countries.

Axiland supplies numerous Hollywood Celebrities and TV shows with its products and is a popular supplier trusted by top brands around the world.

It has hotfix, non-hotfix rhinestones, and many other types of rhinestones at affordable prices.

To contact for wholesale supplies, register yourself on their website and avail amazing discounts for your first purchase: https://axiland.com/


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