If you’re on the hunt for a reliable Wholesale Name Brand Clothing Supplier, then we’re pleased to inform you that your search ends right here!

We are bringing to you a List of Wholesale Name Brand Clothing Suppliers who not only ensure quality but also live up to their promise.

List of Wholesale Name Brand Clothing Suppliers:

  • Fashion Bulk
  • Gilli
  • Esley Collection
  • Aidens Corner
  • Lush Clothing

1. Fashion Bulk

Fashionbulk.com is a website that sells wholesale clothing, shoes, and accessories. They serve businesses of all sizes by supplying, distributing, and facilitating overstock, closeouts, shelf pulls, returns, and new and used name-brand fashion products.

They provide original designer clothing from the most well-known brands at wholesale costs.

The two primary categories of Fashion Bulk are:

  1. Liquidation Merchandise
  2. Used Name Brand Merchandise

They are based in Atlanta, Georgia. They do, however, have distribution centers throughout the United States. Nearly all apparel, they say, can be recycled, reused, and resold back to the user.

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

TEL: 770-530-2282

Website: https://fashionbulk.com/

2. Gilli

Gilli has surpassed many people’s expectations in terms of lifespan and commercial success since its inception in 2008.

Gilli has built a name for itself as a result of its quality and inventiveness, and it continues to earn loyal clients.

Gilli’s rapidly growing team of inspirational designers enables her to develop the best, most up-to-date fashions that follow the newest trends and fashion fads.

Fashion is more than simply a fun way to make clothes at Gilli. Fashion pervades the streets, the skies, and is inextricably linked to how we live and what is going on in the world today.

Gilli’s main goal is to provide top-notch, innovative clothing to its consumers at truly accessible and fair rates.

While some of their items are designed in the United States, specifically in Los Angeles, the fashion capital of the world, they have a global consumer base that continues to increase.

They exclusively engage with contractors who abide by all applicable labor regulations in the United States. 

Contact Info:

1100 S. San Pedro St. Suite# C-7, Los Angeles, CA 90015

TEL: (213) 744-9808

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://gilliclothing.com/

3. Esley Collection

Since its inception in 2007, Esley Collection has grown to become one of the most sought-after names in Young Contemporary wholesale fashion.

The brand represents a modern, refined lifestyle with a fashionable twist. Their goal is to constantly develop all parts of their business and to provide distinctive, high-quality designs at reasonable pricing.

Esley may be found in select merchants, chain stores, and online boutiques around the world, thanks to the support of its loyal clientele.

Contact Info:

Address: 3731 Wilshire Blvd, STE 777, Los Angeles, CA 90010

TEL: 310 294 6348 

Website: https://esleycollection.com/

4. Aidens Corner

Aiden’s Corner items are of the highest quality, made from the finest materials available. Their items are trendy, edgy, and creative, making them ideal gifts for baby showers or everyday use.

They are confident that the high quality of their products, combined with their unique designs, will cause them to fly off your shelves.

All of their garments are produced in-house in Illinois, United States. Aiden’s Corner designs are created by them and then applied to their things as high-quality screen prints, not computer prints, utilizing heat and pressure.

This method prevents scratchy bleed through, which is ideal for a baby’s delicate skin.

Only the highest quality combed ring-spun cotton is used in their bodysuits, making them gentle to the touch and comfortable for everyday wear.

Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]

TEL: (779) 234-6598 

Website: https://aidenscorner.com/

5. Lush Clothing

Lush is a company that encourages people to express themselves creatively.

You’ll be ready to show your particular style at a moment’s notice with their large choice of seasonal designs that range from casual to dressy!

Color, texture, patterns, and stunning silhouettes may all be found in women’s apparel.

Lush has a wide range of event dresses, chunky cardigans, attractive bodysuits, and floral tops to fit your every mood. You’ll be able to get wholesale apparel for every season and holiday on your calendar, from summer to winter.

Sleek jumpsuits, cocktail dresses, coordinating sets, daring cutaway tops, and more can be found here. You’ll be able to find apparel for ladies that keeps you ahead of the competition as fashion trends grow and gain popularity.

Contact Info:

Address: 1100 S San Pedro St. A12, Los Angeles, CA 90015 WEB

TEL: (833) 507-6440 

Website: https://www.lushclothing.com/


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