Wholesale jewelry is one of the most popular types of accessories among both men and women. Unfortunately, jewelry isn’t the most cost-effective part of your ensemble. Naturally, purchasing all of the jewelry pieces you require to complete your clothing becomes more difficult.

Starting a jewelry line is a big deal, and the good news is that it’s a huge sector with plenty of room for other firms to enter.

Despite the fact that there are many established jewelry businesses, the originality that each company brings to the consumers keeps the market from being overcrowded.

If you want to start a huge, unique jewelry business, you should consider buying jewelry in bulk at wholesale prices.

Your firm will undoubtedly stand out if you buy high-quality jewelry from the following recognized wholesale jewelry vendors. It’s your chance to pick the most incredible items that will leave your consumers wanting more.

List of wholesale jewelry vendors in Queens, New York:

  • Pandora Jewelry
  • AJ’s Jewelry
  • Kay Jewelers
  • Queens Diamond & Jewelry
  • Amba Jewelers

1. Pandora Jewelry

Pandora was founded in 1982 and since then, it is known for its hand-finished and contemporary wholesale jewelry.

Their jewelry collection is comprised of 14k gold and 18K gold-plated sterling silver jewelry pieces that are responsibly sourced and are reasonably priced.

Every stone for their jewelry is individually set by a devoted and professional team of craftsmen using sterling silver and other precious metals.

To add sparkle and color to their genuine silver and gold jewelry, they employ a range of gemstones, stones, and cultured pearls. These are derived from diamonds, organic jewels, gemstones, and man-made stones, all of which are extensively utilized in the jewelry business.

Contact info:

Tel: (917) 920-3053

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://us.pandora.net/

Address: 70-37A Austin St., Forest Hills, Queens, New York 11375, United States of America.

2. AJ’s Jewelry

AJ’s jewelry offers high-end wholesale jewelry pieces at competitive rates. Their main focus is Innovation, quality, and value. They have been making fine custom jewelry since 1988.

They specialize in bespoke jewelry, which is handcrafted at their Ridgewood location. You can browse their sample styles for ideas, or be creative and make your own unique item!

They have a huge selection in wedding bands, earrings, chains, name jewelry, picture pendants, men’s jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, watches, engagement rings, and bridal accessories.

Contact info:

Tel: 718-514-7803

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.ajsjewelers.com/

Address: 57- 44 Myrtle Ave, Ridgewood, Queens, New York 11385, United States of America.

3. Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers has grown from one location in 1916 to over 1,100 across the country. They are recognized as America’s #1 jewelry store, offering exquisite wholesale jewelry at a great price range.

They are dedicated to giving you the best shopping experience possible, both in their Kay Jewelers store and online.

Their jewelry advisors are well-versed in the industry and can help each customer online as well as in person.

Here, you will find a huge range of engagement rings, diamond jewelry, wedding rings, gemstone jewelry, gold jewelry, contemporary metal jewelry, watches, and more.

Contact info:

Tel: (718) 271-2647

Website: https://www.kay.com/

Address: 90 15 Queens Blvd., Ste. 2077, Elmhurst, Queens, New York 11373-4900, United States of America.

4. Queens Diamond & Jewelry

Queens Diamond & Jewelry was established in 2004 with a focus on the Nepalese jewelry styles, traditions, ideas, and designs for the people of New York.

They are consistently ahead in terms of community attachment due to their exceptional service and friendliness. Furthermore, their values are establishing a long-term relationship with their consumers.

They are well-known for their bespoke jewelry, which includes both ethnic and modern pieces available in a huge range of choices.

They also offer both stone-set and stone-free jewelry as well as gold, diamond, and silver jewelry.

Contact info:

Tel: (718) 424-2690

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://queensdiamond.com/

Address: 3719 74th St, Jackson Heights, Queens, New York 11372, United States of America.

5. Amba Jewelers

Amba Jewelers is one of New York’s most dependable wholesale jewelry stores, with a nearly century-long family history that began in Punjab, India, in early 1953. Since then, Amba Jewelers has operated with integrity and openness in the jewelry industry.

Through their jewelry, they represent India’s tradition, culture, and diversity.

They provide a variety of traditional and contemporary jewelry designs in gold, silver, diamonds, precious stones, and other precious metals, all with a thoughtful grasp of community tastes and preferences.

They make an effort to guide their customers and teach them how to recognize pure gold, silver, diamonds, and other expensive stones.

Contact info:

Tel: 1 (718) 639-2300

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://ambajewelers.com/

Address: 37-13, Jackson Heights, Queens, New York 11372, United States of America.

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