Being in demand 365 days a year often makes it hard for bulk wholesale buyers to lay their hands on trendy, in-style jewelry, which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to end this dilemma of yours once and for all.

In this article, we have put together a list of the most famous, reliable, pocket-friendly, up-to-date wholesale jewelry manufacturers in Thailand.

Karen Silver Design

When in the mood for some silver jewelry, Karen Silver Design is your go-to place.

Having an experience of more than two decades, Karen surely can design and make any jewelry in silver. Be it pendants, rings, bangles, anklets, you name it, and they make it.

They have more than 10,000 jewelry designs in their catalog for you to choose from.

Not to forget, they are extremely pocket friendly. Their price range starts from $2 to $60.

Check out their website:

Planet Silver

With an experience of more than 15 years, Planet Silver has undoubtedly mastered the art of designing and making intricate, stylish silver jewelry.

From glamorous to exquisite shell jewelry or romantic, delicate pieces of silver that are dropped or dangled, they indeed make their wearer feel pretty.

You can also choose the option to combine stunning gemstones with your jewelry to add a bit of color to the silver.

Check out their website:

Jewelry Land

Since being founded in 2002, Jewelry Land has grown larger each year and has become Thailand’s number one exporter and manufacturer of Sterling Silver jewelry.

This allows them to be extremely flexible with their wholesale buyers (isn’t that a plus point?).

Apart from this, they also have one of the best services for its customers.

The best part? You can DIY and choose any design you want to make, and they’ll make your vision come to life.

Check out their website:

Chai Thai Slip Export

Despite the passage of time, one thing that never goes out of style is some gold jewelry.

Chai Thai Slip is the one shop you do want to visit when looking for gold jewelry.

As a wholesale jewelry exporter, they are known for producing medium-end jewelry with unique and classic designs of high quality.

Be it 8k or 18k, gemstones or diamonds, classic gold or white gold, or maybe rose gold, they have got you all covered.

They have a wide range of 10,000 jewelry designs, from the classics to the up-to-date trendy.

Check out their website:


With the expertise of Thailand’s workmen in cutting and polishing precious stones and diamonds, RUBICON has combined its craft and sophisticated modern technology to produce pieces that are surely one of the finest in Thailand.

They have in-house jewelry designing, manufacturing, and gem cutting, to ensure that the quality stays intact.

They also offer the making of jewelry designs based on your requirement, be it a simple commercial design to contemporary or classical style.

Check out their website:

MONERA Jewelry CO., LTD.

If you are looking for simple ways to add to your income, stainless steel jewelry could be just that thing.

They are a great addition to your parlor, shop, or boutique, and they don’t take up much space either.

Well, MONERA is just the place you are looking for!

Its specialty is designing and manufacturing stainless steel jewelry, is known since 2011.

They create exciting jewelry pieces of stainless steel, leather, CZ, and crystal for both men and women.

Check out their website:

ELF925 Jewelry

Established in 1999, ELF925 is Thailand’s best mass-market silver jewelry company.

Having accessible price ranges to a constantly developing catalog with new designs every week, they have become one of the leading jewelry companies in Thailand.

With more than 800 employees, they ensure to give every customer a tailored experience that meets their specific needs.

They also provide special packages and deals for wholesale buyers, making them friendly to your pockets.

Check out their website:

Basic Jewelry

With their uncompromising commitment to excellence in their silver jewelry production and designs that transcend beauty and class, Basic Jewelry has been a leading Thai manufacturer and exporter of silver jewelry since 1995.

They provide the facility of small, minimum order that allows you to scale your business at your own pace and avoid any risk of holding a lot of inventory.

The availability of the option of custom designs with skilled Thai artisans with a flexible budget is a win-win situation for you.

Find here an assortment of chic, trendy jewelry items ranging from traditional pieces to the most elegant modern pieces, too.

All of their jewelry has a high demand in the consumer market, which will benefit you if you choose to retail their products.

For a more personalized experience, check out their website:

ORIO Wholesale Jewelry

Being in business since 1994, ORIO has mastered the art of designing and manufacturing silver and gold jewelry.

Having more than 403,500 jewelry designs in their catalog, you have a lot to choose from.

They are a jewelry supplier that has an OEM service.

They have a strong management team with professional designers and a killer production warranty.

They surely are a store you wouldn’t want to miss visiting!

Check out their website:

Hong Kong Factory

With a mastery of marcasite and silver jewelry designing since 1971, the Hong Kong factory has served thousands of jewelers with its exquisite jewelry.

With such an experience in hand, they have a catalog of four-decade-old unique and distinctive designs.

With their conscientious attention to detail and quality consistency, they are one of a kind silver jewelry company.

They also provide excellent discounts and deals for bulk wholesale buyers.

Check out their website:


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