Purchasing wholesale jewellery items has a lot of benefits. First of all, wholesale jewellery comes in large quantities and at really low costs.

The ever-increasing demand for jewellery is very noticeable. More people are proud to wear jewellery to enhance their appearance while also complementing their clothes.

For this reason, the jewellery business is an amazing idea that one could pick up.

By choosing the following wholesale jewellery vendors, you can expand your jewellery business while also saving quite a lot of money.

List of wholesale jewellery vendors & suppliers in Dublin:

  • Woods Celtic Jewellery
  • The Jewellery House
  • Kilkenny Silver Wholesale Jewellery
  • JMH Jewellery
  • Celtic Spirit Jewellery

1. Woods Celtic Jewellery

Karen Woods is the proprietor of Woods Celtic Jewellery. She used to create hair scrunchies and sell them door-to-door around her estate when she was 14.

After that, she went into town and sold them to a few stores. Celtic Spirit, one of such stores, was located in St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre.

The proprietor gladly offered her weekend work, and she continued to work there throughout her high school and college years. She always had a thing for Celtic designs and enjoyed coming up with new ones. Hence, she came up with her wholesale jewellery business in Dublin.

She has attended dozens of trade exhibits across the world over the years, and she works hard to develop new wholesale jewellery items for her clients. 

Her extensive range of jewellery includes pendants, earrings, sterling silver rings, bangles, and much more.

Contact info:

Tel: +353872256349

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://woodscelticjewellery.com

Address: 27 Glencairn Rise, Dublin, D18E8F5 Ireland.

2. The Jewellery House

With a base in Dublin City since the 1950s, they are one of Ireland’s oldest jewellery manufacturing and wholesale firms. They have been at the forefront of jewellery distribution for a long time.

It is now run by the second generation, with the help of an experienced marketing team. Their long history of providing high-quality products at low prices has been crucial to their success.

They are very proud of their reputation in the jewellery industry and are passionate about maintaining high standards, which is backed by unrivaled customer service.

They ensure that they always deliver value and service, from concept to design, production, and distribution.

Their wholesale product line includes a gold and sterling silver selection, with many of their jewellery designs inspired by their rich Celtic ancestry.

No matter how big or little, they have always maintained a high level of service to their valued customers, from boutiques, jewellery shop owners to chains to semi-state businesses.

Their company’s primary mission has always been to consistently provide exceptional products and customer service to the retail sector.

Contact info:

Tel: 00 353 1 4762112

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://tjh.ie/

Address: Unit 10, Knockmitten Business Park, Knockmitten Lane, Dublin 12, Ireland.

3. Kilkenny Silver Wholesale Jewellery

They are a wholesale sterling silver jewellery firm situated in Ireland. Their founder, Martin Walsh, first opened his doors in 1988 when he hired some space on Dame Street in Dublin to sell bronze jewellery.

Martin, with his elite and professional team, sold a comprehensive range of Celtic bronze jewellery, sterling silver jewellery and steadily expanded his collection over the years. Martin’s two kids, Daniel and Jack, now own the company.

They now have a large assortment of wholesale Celtic and classic jewellery lines for their loyal customers and clients.

They offer wholesale earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets, and much more at really low costs.

Contact info:

Tel: +353 (0)56 775 8733

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.kilkennysilver.com

4. JMH Jewellery

JMH Jewellery is a family-run business and one of Ireland’s oldest and most reputable jewellery manufacturers. Joe and Betty Harbourne founded the company in 1973, and it now has over four decades of experience creating jewellery for customers all around the world.

Joe and Betty’s eldest son, Joseph Harbourne, joined the company full-time in 1999 as a designer and goldsmith. Eve Turner, their daughter, joined the company in 2003 and is in charge of sales and marketing.

Their wholesale collection of jewellery has grown throughout the years to fulfill the needs of customers all across the world.

Contact info:

Tel: +353 1 450 8744

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.jmhjewellery.com

Address: Unit 19, Western Parkway Business Centre, Ballymount Road, Dublin 12, Ireland.

5. Celtic Spirit Jewellery

Celtic Spirit Jewellery is a family-owned and operated enterprise in Dublin, Ireland. The company was founded in 1988 and it is located in the prominent St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre.

They are proud of their high-quality jewellery at very reasonable pricing, as well as their amazing staff that is always happy to assist you in finding the right jewellery item or a special treat for yourself or your loved ones.

Their elegantly designed silver and gold jewellery come in a variety of styles. Moreover, they have a lovely assortment of stylish and delicate pieces suited for all occasions in addition to their comprehensive choice of skillfully crafted Celtic gifts and contemporary Celtic jewellery.

Contact info:

Tel: 087 2331898

Website: https://www.celticspirit.ie

Address: Ground Floor Stephens Green Shopping Centre, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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