If you want to buy gold jewelry but cannot afford to spend on 10k-18k gold: gold vermeil is a good alternative to explore. Most experts believe it to be one of the greatest alternatives to solid gold jewelry. Because vermeil jewelry is made of two precious metals; gold and silver, it is considered closer to fine jewelry and falls into the “demi-fine” category. 

The more expensive and valuable the piece, the higher the carat weight and thickness of the gold coating. You can find a range of wholesale gold vermeil jewelry from the suppliers below.

List Of Wholesale Gold Vermeil Jewelry Suppliers:

  • Eindia Wholesale
  • Casting House
  •  Element Body Jewelryx
  • oNecklace
  • Bella Joias

1. Eindia Wholesale

Eindia Wholesale provides clients with high-quality items and cutting-edge designs at real wholesale pricing, allowing them to optimize their profit margins.

The firm is a subsidiary of Jaipur Mart, which is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, commonly known as the Pink City of India. E-India Wholesale is the largest online shop built for fashion and imitation jewelry retailers, resellers, and boutique owners in India and beyond.

They have the cheapest pricing on quality items since they have their production unit, artisan businesses, and import directly. Now, thanks to the power of e-commerce, they can provide you with our high-quality items at the lowest wholesale costs, delivered right to your home.

Contact Info:

Phone: +91-7339903357

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://eindiawholesale.com/

Address: 794, Near Vishnu Guest House Jawahar Nagar Jaipur 302004.

2. Casting House

Casting House has been combining cutting-edge technology with top craftsmanship to give our clients the best quality products since 1987. 

Casting House, headquartered in downtown Chicago’s historic Jewelers’ District, offers full-service bespoke jewelry production solutions to over 2000 jewelers nationwide and worldwide, including CAD design, quick model prototype, precious metal casting, and finishing. 

Casting House has been a pioneer in embracing and presenting cutting-edge jewelry technologies since its start. They have always used cutting-edge technology with a single objective; to produce the highest-quality goods for customers.

Contact Info:

Phone: 877.927.2278 / 312-782-7160

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.castinghouse.com/

Address: 5 South Wabash Suite 614, Chicago, IL 60603.

3. Element Body Jewelry,

 Element Body Jewelry is a pioneering star in an industry plagued by delayed delivery times, poor customer service, and unwelcoming stores that make purchasing personalized jewelry difficult, it might be tempting to accept the status quo.

Element Body Jewelry has changed the whole scenario. They refuse to settle for the industry norm, instead aiming to elevate the industry by producing personalized jewelry faster, with more reliability, outstanding customer service, and the correct edge. 

Their team is dedicated to our work and committed to life’s fundamental morals: truthfulness, dependability, and respect. They aim to help customers to get exactly what they want.

Contact Info:

Phone:  740.201.888/ 833.944.2561

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://elementbodyjewelry.com/

4. oNecklace

oNecklace known as cutting Edge Jewellery LTD is an international jewelry maker established in Israel that specializes in personalized name necklaces.

They opened their doors to the world in 2012, inspired by the notion of personalized nameplate pendants, and have been manufacturing stunning and trendy personalized jewelry ever since.

They have a beautiful selection of items produced by their talented team of experts that combine distinctive flair with an emotive appeal. Their items are among the most attractive and contemporary pieces of jewelry available on the market.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.onecklace.com/

Mailing Address: P.O Box 91270, Henderson NV 89009, USA.

5. Bella Joias

Bella Joias Jewelry in Miami is a multi-national family business that has been in operation for over 30 years. Bella Joias Jewelry Miami is the top choice for jewelry resellers in the United States as a prominent maker and distributor of the finest Brazilian 18k gold layered jewelry, with tradition passed down through generations.

Bella Joias Jewelry delivers to end customers and resellers a huge choice of the finest and best quality Brazilian 18K Golden Jewelry with applications in zirconia, rhinestones, and crystals, such as Wedding Bands, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and other types of Jewelry.

They provide every customer with a one-year warranty on all items. Brazil manufactures and imports all of its products. You can visit the website below to see all their gold layered jewelry.

Contact Info:

Phone: (305) 326-7996

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.bellajoias.com/

Address: 1990 NW 20th St. Suite A, Miami, FL 33142.

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