Sanko Textiles, a global leader in luxury yarns and textiles was founded in 1904 by Sani Konukoglu, a visionary entrepreneur who started with a few looms and a huge concept.

Sanko Textiles has grown to become one of Turkey’s major industrial groups, with construction, energy, financial services, and real estate at its core, because of his dedication to honesty, openness, sustainability, and community involvement.

Contact Info:

Website: http://www.sankotextile.com

2. Gayret Tekstil 

They’ve been working on wholesale fabric and yarn since the 1970s. The company was reformed in 1998 and is now engaged in the manufacturing and wholesale of cotton fabric and printed viscose.

Their purpose is to provide the best quality products at the best pricing to their clients while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction

Contact Info:

Phone : 0212 513 79 31 – 0212 526 78 05 

Fax : 0212 511 67 58

Website: http://www.gayrettekstil.com/english

3. T&H Fabrics

T&H, which stands for Temtas and Herboy, is a knitted fabric trade enterprise with 45 knitting machines and a dyeing and printing capacity of 35 tons per day. 

With over 30 years of experience in every aspect of knitted fabric, they constantly put quality and customer happiness first. 

Witnessing the outstanding designs that premier organizations from all continents of the world develop with their goods today is a source of enormous pride for them. 

Contact Info:

Address: Tekstilkent B6 No:22 Esenler / İSTANBUL / TURKEY

TEL: +90 212 659 01 03 / +90 212 659 27 79

Website: https://thfabrics.com/


Yünsa, the largest integrated high-segment worsted wool fabric manufacturer in Europe and one of the five biggest in the world, was founded in 1973 and went public in 1990. HOSH owns 57.88% of the common stock, with the remaining shares publicly traded on the Borsa Istanbul stock exchange.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.yunsa.com/en

5. Egedeniz

They are the leading company in Turkey that has its own organic cotton projects and sells organic cotton in the form of fiber, yarns, knitted and woven fabrics, and apparel.

Their organic cotton, which is cultivated in the Izmir region of Western Turkey, is among the best in the world.

They’ve hired organic farmers and tracked the entire process from fiber to yarn to fabric to final products for a number of well-known companies throughout the world.

Their agricultural programs are GOTS accredited, ensuring that all agricultural methods comply with European Union agricultural product production regulations.

From the cotton to the finished product, all operations are carried out in compliance with the GOTS Sustainable Textile Standards.

Türkiye’s first certified organic textile firm is Egedeniz.

They guarantee that their consumers will receive high-quality products at reasonable pricing. They are willing to fulfill any sample or pricing needs. As a result, they invite all potential clients to approach them with their product needs, ranging from cotton fibers to finished goods.

Contact Info:

Website: https://www.egedeniztextile.com/


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