The hardest natural material known is diamond and it is found in kimberlite, a form of igneous rock. The diamond itself is just a crystallized chain of carbon atoms. They are considered a valuable asset in today’s time and hold great cultural significance too.

If you live in Philadelphia, the list below will help you towards some of the best diamond suppliers in the area!

List Of Wholesale Diamonds Suppliers In Philadelphia:

  • Pennsylvania Diamond Exchange
  • Rosenberg Diamond Company
  • Philadelphia Diamond Co
  • Barsky Diamonds
  • 8th Street Gold & Diamond Buyers LLC

1. Pennsylvania Diamond Exchange

Established in 1978 The Pennsylvania Diamond Exchange is a modest family-run shop located in the historic Jeweler’s Row district of Philadelphia. 

They sell our wholesale jewelry to the general public. They can work with customers to create a unique piece of jewelry. They source any diamond and create any setting according to the customer’s preference. Their in-house CAD designers and local casting houses will turn the customer’s vision into a reality. You can take a look at their work and testimonials from the list below.

Contact Info:

Phone: (215) 238-0197

Email: [email protected]


Address: 723 Sansom Street, Philadelphia PA 19106

2. Rosenberg Diamond Company

Rosenberg Diamond Company, founded in 1981, is a second-generation family business and one of the major diamond distributors in the Northeastern United States, with headquarters at 738 Sansom Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

For over thirty (30) years, they have been purchasing and selling loose diamonds to retail jewelers! In their enormous loose diamond inventory, they specialize in selling and delivering loose GIA-certified diamonds to dealers all around the world.

They also buy diamonds from the general public who are estate planning, divorcing, wanting to generate funds, and so on.

Contact Info:

Phone: (215) 627-1317

Email: [email protected]


Address: 738 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

3. Philadelphia Diamond Co

Ken Black, a second-generation jeweler and Graduate Gemologist from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America, founded the Philadelphia Diamond Company in 2002 after working for more than a decade as a well-regarded and inventive jeweler with major merchants.

They have established a unique, bespoke jewelry experience tailored to a client’s style and particular demands in a comfortable atmosphere with his wife, Nicole Black, M.B.A. Philadelphia Diamond Company is the city’s newest personalized jewelry shop.

The Philadelphia Diamond Co.’s manufacturing headquarters are located in downtown Philadelphia’s historic diamond sector, and they welcome guests to visit them at any time after taking a private appointment.

Contact Info:

Phone: 215-607-6710



Address: The Bank Building, 421 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia PA, 19106.

4. Barsky Diamonds

Barsky Diamonds is located in the center of Philadelphia’s Jeweler’s Row. The Barsky Family has had the honor of serving the community for over a century, delivering the finest in jewelry design, craftsmanship, and value to their consumers. 

They provide a large assortment of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands, loose diamonds, and beautiful diamond and gemstone jewelry. Their highly trained staff is ready to assist you in finding that one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

They also offer bespoke design, which allows customers to collaborate directly with their skilled designers to create their ideal ring or any personalized piece of jewelry. 

Contact Info:

Phone: (215) 925-8639


Address: 724 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

5. 8th Street Gold & Diamond Buyers LLC

8th Street Gold & Diamond Buyers LLC is a dependable and efficient source for purchasing and exchanging gold, silver, jewelry, coins, diamonds, and other valuables.

8th Street Gold & Diamond Buyers LLC’s team is knowledgeable in diamond weight, clarity, and carat. They provide exceptional value for large and little diamonds, even if they are shattered or chipped.

No matter how many diamonds you want to sell, their staff will treat you with the courtesy and respect you deserve. This company is best for diamond exchange and people wanting to sell their diamond jewelry too! 

Contact Info:

Phone: 215-238-6570  


Address: 109 S. 8th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

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