Diamond jewelry has been increasingly popular as an investment instrument in recent years. Several considerations make it a better investment alternative than gold. Size is the first and most evident advantage it has over gold. 

Diamonds, unlike gold bullions, do not take up much space. You can also invest in diamonds, or buy a meaningful piece from the list below!

List Of Wholesale Diamond Suppliers In Cincinnati

  • Koop Diamond Cutters Inc.
  • Whitehouse Brothers
  • Gold & Diamonds
  • The Richter & Phillips Company
  • Midwest Diamond

1. Koop Diamond Cutters Inc.

On April 1, 1966, Clarence “Whitey” Koop created Koop Diamond Cutters. Initially, Whitey concentrated entirely on diamond cutting. Butch, his son, displayed a knack for design when he began working at the firm, making bespoke Koop jewelry items on an individual basis.

Butch established the Cincinnati Casting Company in 1974, where he could design and cast precious metals into the forms required for bespoke jewelry. Butch Koop ran Cincinnati Casting Company alongside Koop Diamond Cutters for a few years before deciding to unite the companies.

Butch’s son Justin joined the company in 1997 and has since developed it. They currently have a comprehensive manufacturing plant as well as a fine jewelry retail shop. Koop Diamond Cutters can now handle any fine jewelry project, from bespoke creations to restorations and repairs.

Contact Info:

Phone: 513-621-2838 

Website: https://koopdiamondcutters.com/

Address: 214 E 8th St #4, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States.

2. Whitehouse Brothers

Joseph C. and William H. Whitehouse started Whitehouse Brothers in 1898. The brothers immediately established a reputation for producing exquisitely designed and handmade Platinum jewelry.

By the early 1920s, Whitehouse Brothers had evolved to become America’s biggest jewelry producer, employing over 100 artisans. Designers of precious metal jewelry, as well as classically skilled sculptors and painters, were among those hired. 

Everything at Whitehouse Brothers is made in the United States, as has always been the norm; nothing is ever outsourced. As part of their production process: they employ 100% recycled metal and sustainably sourced diamonds.

Contact Info:

Phone: 800 543 1070 

Website: https://www.whitehousebrothers.com/

Address: 4393 Creek Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241.

3. Gold & Diamonds

Gold & Diamonds is a family-run jewelry business with three locations in Cincinnati, Ohio. For almost 60 years, the Youkilis family has catered to Cincinnati’s jewelry requirements.

They specialize in diamond jewelry, but also sell sterling silver jewelry, watches, and gift items. They provide full-service jewelry repair, including watch repair.

Financing is accessible through their Gold & Diamonds credit card, which is administered by Wells Fargo. Custom manufactured items are available too!

Contact Info:

Phone: 513-769-4653 

Website: https://www.goldanddiamondscincy.com/

Address: 4440 W. Lake Forest Drive Suite 114 Blue Ash, OH 45242.

4. The Richter & Phillips Company

C. Edward Richter and the three Phillips brothers started a business in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1896. The Richter & Phillips Company provided a wide range of products to their clients. Jewelry was at the top of the list. 

Salesmen traveled around the country selling to other jewelry firms while carrying enormous trunks full of jewels. Jewelry, diamonds, and giftware were on exhibit at the shop.

Currently, they provide a range of diamond jewelry for mainly special occasions on their websites! 

Contact Info:

Phone: 513.241.3510

Website: https://richterphillips.com/


5. Midwest Diamond

Midwest Diamond is a business that mixes Diamond Promotion Services efforts and advertising methods with today’s customer-driven marketplace. 

They have created comprehensive fundamental diamond programs that increase the return on investment for jewelers. All of their diamond programs are graded consistently. 

They are grouped and merchandised according to quality and popular price points, allowing jewelers to offer consumers instant assurance in their retail transactions.

Contact Info:

Phone: (513) 769-7222

Website: https://www.midwestdiamond.net/

Address: 4440 W. Lake Forest Drive Suite 114, Cincinnati, OH 45242.

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