The kimono is Japan’s traditional attire. Kimonos, which are commonly made of silk, have long sleeves that extend from the shoulders to the heels.

They are fastened by an obi, which is a wide belt.

Kimonos are now reserved for exceptional occasions like the Shichi-Go-San festival, weddings, and graduations.

Children and young adults prefer wearing a yukata, a more casual, lightweight kimono, to festivals, fireworks displays, and other special occasions in the summer.

However, in everyday life, young people prefer attire that allows them to move freely, such as T-shirts, jeans, polo shirts, and sweatsuits.

Want authentic Japanese clothing at low-prices? Keep reading!

1.      Shindo

SHINDO is a company that manufactures garments, ribbons, and trimmings, as well as industrial products like silicone.

They are continuing to merge the three lines in order to take on new challenges in the production of world-class new products.

SHINDO’s global business model allows them to keep costs low while delivering ecologically safe products.

SHINDO’s operation stretches well beyond Japan to increase sales channels internationally, as it strives to be a comprehensive maker of clothes and fashion accessory materials.

SHINDO has six showrooms, including ones in Paris and New York, as well as 16 sales offices spread over Europe, the United States, and Asia.

They work on product creation by keeping a continual eye on the customer, responding to ever-changing worldwide events and social systems, considering the environment, and committing to security and safety.

They have built the Industrial Materials Division and the Silicone Division in addition to their textile company in order to give as much as possible to society, and they continue to embrace new enterprises and product development.

The firm will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2019. They will continue to take on new challenges in the future 50 years, having accomplished group sales and capital-to-asset ratio goals set at formation, as well as the development of activities in three business lines and responding to globalization.

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2.      YAYUKATA

YAYUKATA, which started in early 2018, is quickly becoming a household brand in Japanese street fashion.

The brand is known for its indie and underground apparel styles and designs, which are crafted of high-quality fabrics and offer an eclectic mix of street and mainstream fashion trends.

They want to deliver excellent, personable customer service while also developing a street-savvy product and a dependable distribution platform.

Currently, YAYUKATA focuses on hoodies, jackets, pants, joggers, shirts and Tees, as well as numerous accessories, with room for expansion in the future.

Originally created for the Japanese market, their brand, as well as other labels in its distribution network, have found their way into popular street wear around the world.

Their items have been purchased by those in the know all across the world due to their exceptional quality, artistic designs, and sheer practicality. While they aren’t overtly vintage, they do integrate old aspects with contemporary designs and styles.

There, the goal is to supply the fashion that young people (and those of a certain age) wish to wear.

For the fashion conscious, the designs are based on current street styles and trends. YAYUKATA is all about self-expression and youth culture, and it uses designs that aren’t available in local retailers. They value quality, service, and your happiness.

YAYUKATA’s goods are adaptable, long-lasting, and comfortable, with a focus on both functionality and epic creative design.

Take a peek at some of their affordable, edgy designs to stay on top of the hottest street fads.

You can find the latest YAYUKATA designs as well as a variety of other independent and underground apparel labels in their store. They provide excellent customer service as well as globe tracking and a fair return policy.

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3.      45R

On Earth, only people wear clothing. Making comfortable, long-lasting, and modern clothing while respecting old is a joy… 45R wishes to share this joy with you.

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Address: 7-2-1 Minamioayama, Minato-ku, Tokyo


4.      Wholesale 7

Hong Kong Yiqi Information Technology Co., Limited (2948901) concentrates on delivering high-quality new fashionable garments and accessories at factory prices on a regular basis.

They sell things made in the WHOLESALE7.NET factory or by other top-tier manufacturers.

There are sexy elegant dresses, suits, tops, pants, shoes, and purses for women, as well as a variety of casual sports men’s clothing to choose from.

They are continually striving to improve customer service and stock condition, as well as provide a global shipping system to improve your purchasing experience.

Since 2011, wholesale7 has built a solid reputation by adhering to the principles of honesty, high quality, and good service.

Thank you for putting your faith in the manufacturers and wholesalers on the ship.

They truly hope that you will profit from their services and that you will provide them with your useful suggestions at any time and in any way.

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Email: [email protected]

Tel: +86 18022496971


5.      Evisu

EVISU, named after the Japanese God of Prosperity Ebisu, was created in Osaka, Japan, in 1991.

Only about 14 pairs of jeans were made per day at first, each one lovingly hand-painted with the now-famous seagull design.

EVISU sparked a worldwide revival of interest in vintage denim by capturing the attention of the detail-obsessed Japanese fashion crowd.

Today, EVISU has earned critical recognition as one of the ultimate denim must-haves, and is well-known and loved by both collectors and hipsters throughout the world.

EVISU began as a labor of love rather than a commercial enterprise, and despite its tremendous success, the company’s objective to manufacture the finest quality products has remained constant.

EVISU’s status as an icon in the history of fleece jackets and denim wear is defined by this underlying value.

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Email: [email protected]

Address: 1/F, International Industrial Building, 175 Hoi Bin Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


6.      Takihyo Co., Ltd

Takihyo Co., Ltd has been responding to and contributing to society’s ever-changing demands for nearly 270 years, since its founding in 1751. Their philosophy has always been “customer first, self second.”

They will continue to offer clients dreams and inspiration through fashion, as part of their management policy of “meeting new difficulties at all times.”

They hope to gain your support as they respectfully complete each duty one by one in order to grow for another 50, or 100 years.

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Address: 2-20-19 Marunouchi Naka-ku


7.      Narumiya International

For years, the Narumiya International brand has been adored by a great number of people.

What began as a simple apparel website has evolved into a major wholesale buying portal. This only occurs at the Narumiya.

They will continue to be a brand that is loved by generations, with products that will be passed down with memories, even if the times or fashions change.

Their objective is to constantly consider and shape what they truly desire.

It extends beyond the moment of service to color the family’s life scenes and settings, as well as to forge a new future.

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