Like many Asian countries, the fashion game in Hong Kong is also rapidly growing. The fashion market in Hong Kong has also grown over the years. You will find apparel products matching the qualities of international standards. You can also find apparel suppliers selling products that go with every taste and style. 

If you are avidly looking for wholesale apparel suppliers in Hong Kong, here is a list of 7 suppliers. These companies are known to make no compromise on quality and offer great pricing! 

1. 7e-fashion China Co Ltd

7e-fashion is an online company established in 2007. They supply dresses to boutiques and retail stores around the globe. They offer Japanese, European, American, and Korean fashion dresses for women. 

They understand the needs and requirements of the fashion industry and how rapidly fashion and trends change in ladies’ apparel.

Keeping this in mind, the wholesaler keeps changing and re-stocking their own inventory according to the newest fashion. 

The products that they sell have unique Chinese characteristics that are loved by people. The dresses have a huge variety of styles.

They have summer dresses. formal wear, and casual dresses too. It is a great place for retailers who want to expand their femme collection. 

They offer wholesale apparel in different sizes, designs, and colors. It is a one-stop company that supplies wholesale apparel around the world.


  • Ladies dresses
  • Casual wear 
  • Dresses for girls
  • Chinese clothing for women
  • Chinese clothing for girls

Contact details

Address: Zhucun Taine, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China Guangzhou Guangdong, Hong Kong

Phone: 852 – 020 – 32351755

2. Wah Hoi Garment & Baggage Accessories Co. Ltd

This company is one of Hong Kong’s best wholesale apparel supplying companies. They produce and manufacture ethnic wear and other apparel.

Since they are manufacturers too, the quality of their products is known to be top-notch. They ensure that they provide the best quality of fabric and stitching to their clients.

Like many other Asian companies, this company also produces high-end ethnic wear. 

They may be a big business but at the end of the day, they just want to make sure that their clients are fully satisfied with their products.

The company has a strong customer care service which makes the process of dealing with them easier and hassle-free. In comparison to their competitors, they offer lower prices. 


  • Tank bikini suits
  • Ethnic clothing for women
  • Trouser pants
  • Trendy plus size dresses for women
  • Corporate clothing for women

Contact details

Address: Room 01, 5-F Wing Hand Ind. Bldg. 13-29 Kwai Hei St. Kwai Chung, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Phone: 00852 24076166

3. Early Bird Fashion Co

Early bird fashion is a wholesale supplier and exporter of garments and apparel. They fully acknowledge that fashion is subjective and changes from person to person as well as region to region.

The company makes sure to follow the recent trends to fulfill the demands of customers from all over the world. 

This company offers you a wholesale supply of apparel at the most reasonable rates.  They manufacture different kinds of shirts in all colors, designs, and sizes. They create excellent designs to attract young customers. 

Their collections are filled with colorful, eclectic styles that manage to catch the eyes of many people.

Buying from them is a 100% guarantee that your store will be filled with customers fighting for these phenomenal pieces. 


  • Shirts for men
  • Shirts for women
  • Safety apparel for men
  • Safety apparel for women

Contact details

Address: 1/F., 83 Fang Leng Lau; Fanling, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Phone:  + 00852-9213-9xxx

4. Well Excel Ltd.

Well Excel only deals with the best apparel.

They supply garments, ethnic wear, apparel, yarn, and fabrics of the topmost quality available in the market.

They understand the needs and requirements of the fashion industry and try their level best to accommodate the latest changes in their shelves. 

They deal with wholesale products at lower rates in comparison with their competitors in the market. 

Their products come in all sizes, colors, designs, and patterns within a very reasonable budget. They are one of the topmost wholesale clothing supplying companies in Hong Kong. They pride themselves on their customer service and low-cost shipping. 


  • Women’s High Waisted Trousers
  • Children’s wear
  • Palazzo pants
  • Ethnic wear
  • Plus size dresses for women
  • Dresses 
  • Pants 

Contact details

Address: 10/F, Room 1005, West Coast International Building, 290-296 Un Chau Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Phone: +852 2708 9786

5. Cha Textiles 

Cha Textiles was founded in 1949 by Mr. Cha Chi Ming in Hong Kong. This company is an expert in manufacturing traditional textiles such as covering, weaving, spinning, dyeing and wax-printing.

This company has successful operations running in Hong Kong, the United States, West Africa, Europe, and China. 

As a textile company, they are licensed to manufacture and supply wholesale apparel. However, some of their subsidiaries are not listed but are privately linked to the Cha Group of industries. They have employees who are skilled and proficient in dealing with international clients.

Over the last few decades, this company has established itself to be renowned for its expertise and quality of clothing. They provide the best apparel to retailers and make sure that their products are unique from the rest of the market. 

They ensure that all their staff is properly trained and possess the potential to take the company to new heights. The payment process to deal with them is also very easy and hassle-free. 


  • Dresses
  • Dress shirts
  • Bottoms
  • Pants
  • Shirts

Contact details

Address: Unit 08, 12/F CDW Building, 388 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Phone: +(852)2476 9779

Email: [email protected]

6. Edward Wong

Edward Wong has been in the market for the last 12 years and it is popular for being a wholesale supplier of yarn, apparel, and fabric.

They consider themselves pioneers when it comes to catering to the highest quality of fabrics, garments, and other clothing items.

They have a diverse product list ranging from baby wear to kids’ wear, outerwear, nightwear, casual wear, and workwear. The clothing is famous for its quality as this company ensures that they never compromise on the quality of their products.

They cater to wholesale clothing in all sizes, shapes, colors, ages, designs, and fabric. 


  • Baby clothes for boys
  • Baby clothes for girls
  • Nightwear
  • Casual wear
  • Corporate wear 

Contact details

Address: 2/F, Edward Wong Tower, 910 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Phone: (852) 2370-3883

Email: [email protected]

7. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is one of the most famous wholesale clothing suppliers in all of Asia. The company has branches and warehouses in countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, the USA, and many more. 

They have one of the biggest inventories of clothing available. Their numerous collections of different types of apparel are of the finest qualities and top-notch designs. 

From casual wear to workwear, from evening gowns o simple dresses, from baby clothing to adult wear everything is available here. That too at the most reasonable prices. 

Chinabrands is the go-to supplier for many retailers and businesses all over the world. 


  • Dresses 
  • T-shirts f
  • Clothes for babies
  • Baby blankets
  • Jackets
  • Bomber jackets
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Bags

Contact details

Email: [email protected]

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