Montreal is the central city in Canada that holds a lot of historical importance and cultural insight of the many people who lived there. Beads are also essential to history as they are tied to the cultural beliefs and attire of various ethnicities.

Montreal has many bead stores surrounding the whole area, each store, having a massive inventory of various beads. Many of these bead stores are also providers of wholesale services to other retailers and shops.

Wholesale suppliers aim to work with high-quality brands and manufacturers to supply other business and bulk buyers with amazing deals and bundle offers.

Montreal is a vast area, thus the wholesale bead vendors are abundant. Thus, there is a dire need for a brief introduction to the best vendors in town. The list below contains some of the finest bead vendors based in Montreal that will help you formulate a good decision about the vendor you want to work with and supplies the type of beads and services you desire.

List Of Wholesale Beads Suppliers & Vendors In Montreal, Quebec:

  • Beads Planete
  • Abra-Kad-Abra
  • Club Beads
  • Cristal & Billes Inc. 
  • Ugarit

1. Beads Planete

Beads Planete is the leading supplier of gemstones and beads in Montreal, Canada. The company also has a physical store but mainly deals with wholesale orders online, so the products can be accessed by people living in other areas too.

Their products inventory extends from Beads to Chains, Chords, Feathers, Crystals, Hair Accessories, Findings, Pendants, Pearls, Sequences, Stainless Steel, and Gemstones.

Beads Planete’s user-friendly website enables customers to go through the top-rated products and select the most trending type of breed in the market. They emphasize good customer service, and their team is always present to answer all queries.

Contact Info:

Phone: +514 295-8444 /+514 223-1000

Email: [email protected]


Address: 7348 Rue St-Hubert, Montréal, QC H2R 2N3, Canada.

2. Abra-Kad-Abra

Abra-Kad-Abra is a business that aims to create a magical shopping experience for its customers. Their store is situated in the center of the Plateau Mont-Royal district of Montreal, Canada.

They import high-quality goods from countries all over the world to present an exclusive collection of the best jewelry supplies and accessories in Canada. 

Over three decades of experience working as suppliers of accessories, the company has extended its inventory to include more unique products such as batik clothing, scarves, afghan socks, silver jewelry, necklaces, pendants, and beads.

Contact Info:

Phone: 514-524-78

Email: [email protected]


Address: 763 Mont-Royal E, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H2J 1W8.

3. Club Beads

Club Beads originated from North America as a top distributor of beads. Gradually, the business gained a high reputation in the industry and the owner decided to expand its services to an international level.

The market of fashion jewelry and accessories is filled with potential all over the globe, and Club Beads aims to discover new areas with the opportunity of bead stores and jewelry supplies.

Club Beads also has a category for inspirational jewelry for its visitors and encourages people to bring their ideas and innovative concepts to the company, so their teams can help them turn the brilliant inspirations to life.

Contact Info:

Phone: 514-904-0224

Email:  [email protected]


Address:  8259 Bd Saint-Michel, Montréal, QC H1Z 3E4.

4. Cristal & Billes Inc.

Cristal & Billes Inc is a vast platform that caters to supplying retailers, shop owners, and other bulk buyers with the best quality crystals, beads, and accessories.

The company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of Glass products, beads, Miyuki Seed Beads, Japanese Beads, Swarovski, Toho, and Stainless Beads.

Cristal & Billies also have significant discounts on their website and a discount policy of up to 30% including extra exclusive options that are affordable and ideal for wholesale customers.

Contact Info:

Phone: 450-934-0877

Email: [email protected]


Address: 3258 St-Martin blvd. west, Laval, Quebec, Canada, H7T 1A1.

5. Ugarit

Ugarit is a large-scale business that strives to create crafting supplies and kits of beads for various retailers, manufacturers, schools, daycare, and stores.

Their warehouse is located in Montreal with a 20,000 sq ft inventory consisting of various products such as Papers, Foams, Bells, bracelets, Chains, dolls, clocks, Floral, and Hair.

They have excellent offers for customers such as 10,000 Fancy Beads all available at the price of 6$ a pound. Their website also has a 50% discount on all 2000 items of the brand Foyer Raymond. Do visit their website and online store, if you are interested in a wholesale vendor that stores kits for schools, and children.

Contact Info:

Phone: (514) 387 8181

Email: [email protected]


Address: 9600 St-Laurent #605, Montréal PQ, Canada, H2N 1R2.

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