Saint Petersburg in Russia is known to be the most popular city in entire Europe. It is situated on the Baltic Sea and has more than 1 million people living there.

This is Russia’s imperial capital and due to the historical buildings here it has a lot of visitors coming here throughout the year. 

St Petersburg is also popular because it is known as the Mecca of historical, cultural, and architectural landmarks that you get to see here. 

It was founded by Tsar Peter The Great and was given the title of Russia’s Window To Europe. 

Weather In July In St Petersburg

The weather in St Petersburg during this time of the year is considered ideal for looking around and having a good time. This month has the highest average temperature and also during this time the mercury hovers between 20 to 25 C.

There is some difference in weather that you would experience throughout your stay during July here. During the early July days you get to experience White nights that are these summer days when the dusk nearly blends into the dawn and it is seldom that it gets dark outside. 

These White nights get even more exciting when you get to attend a lot of parties, concerts, festivals, plays and even some midnight dip in the sea because the temperature is pretty normal and pleasant.

By the end of July you get to see a rise in temperature so basically it gets warm too. And as the time progresses there are less if whire nights so enjoy them while you can.

The evenings here overall are a bit cooler so you need to be prepared for that too. It is not torching hot during summers here but the weather is unpredictable too. 

There are chances of rainfalls too but nothing too heavy for which you need to carry some heavy gear. There is pleasant air going around throughout the day time and nights are pleasant so that you can roam around easily without getting uncomfortable.

What To Wear In Daytime In St Petersburg Russia In July?

During this time of the year you should always pack some light clothes and nothing too heavy. Like tee shirts, shorts, dresses, and sandals as well. 

Try not to wear tank tops though as they are kind of frowned upon in St Petersburg. You can always go for sleeves tops but don’t go town on them. 

Since it is kinda warm and it could rain as well, you can carry a waterproof jacket or an umbrella if you don’t want that extra layer of jacket on you. You can also use a bathing suit if you want to go swimming. 

Always carry sunscreen with you, a hat for the least sun exposure, and a pair of sunglasses because why not?

If you are going to be walking around a lot make sure that you wear a pair of sneakers that are breathable in the daytime. 

What To Wear During Night-time In St Petersburg In Russia?

Since the temperature drops a bit during night, you can wear a loose cardigan or sweater and pair it with a pair of jeans. Wear comfortable shoes like sneakers or trainers with a pair of ankle socks.

If you are going somewhere fancy or to a historical building or something, you can always wear a dress with a jacket on. For men, it could be a simple tee with a jacket and some cargo pants or a pair of jeans would do as well. 

You can carry a small rucksack with you for your essentials like a water bottle or your purse as well. It looks casual and stylish according to the neighborhood you are in. 

Other Things To Pack:

There are so many attractions open here throughout the year and since this is the ideal month you get to explore a lot more than usual. But in the midst of it, don’t forget to pack your essentials with you on this trip.

With a mixed weather anticipation, you can expect the weather to be unpredictable too. Try your best to dress modestly because Russians in general, don’t feel comfortable while wearing anything short or low cut from any angle of the dress.

  • Always carry a day and night formal dress with you for any kind of event or gathering.
  • Sunblock for the day time.
  • Sunglasses and a big sun hat.
  • Comfortable flats or sneakers to explore the city.
  • A sweater or a scarf when the day comes to an end.
  • Always carry a windbreaker jacket.

Final Verdict:

It is almost impossible to not fall in love with St Petersburg in  Russia because it is such a beautiful city to explore. It is known as one the most beautiful cities in the world and once you visit it you can see why.

It is the most European of all the towns in Russia due to its architecture and culture and is also the second largest city of Russia.

The grand museums, spectacular canals, and also the buzzing art scenes here can really draw a person in whether they are a visitor or not. If you visit throughout the year and especially in winters, you would experience that there is less average temperature here as well.

Throughout the year there is seldom some crazy weather update in St Petersburg in Russia. So in a mixed weather like in July and uptil August, it is the best time that you could visit St Petersburg in Russia.

You can get affordable prices for hotels here as well since it is not a holiday season. Better book it quickly.  

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