Vegas literally has the hot desert reputation throughout the year but during winters it does get cold around there. Nothing concerning like snowing but you have to be prepared while packing stuff for your Vegas trip.

Vegas for many people is a wild ride with all the casinos, gambling, pool parties, and so much more that you can enjoy during your stay. Since you are going to party a lot you need to be careful with what you wear and what essentials you carry with yourself.

A simple day in Vegas is just like any other but during November it is a bit comfortable around and it’s less humid and hot.

Weather In Vegas During November

October is when Vegas welcomes the cool breeze of winter and during November you really get to experience it but nothing extra. During November, chances are that it might rain and the temperature does drop to 21°C in the daytime.

During the night, it gets a bit chilly like the temperature would drop to 9°C which is tolerable and pleasant at the same time. 

The best time for you to visit Las Vegas is from March to May and also from September to November. There are some good discounts available on traveling throughout the year but the best weather you get is in these months only.

 The temperature around here during November is pretty mild but by the end of the month, it gets pretty chilly. Since you start to enter December from there, which is the coldest month in Vegas, you might want to pack accordingly.

The weather during November changes quite quickly. You could be wearing a crop top with jeans one day since it is that kind of weather, the other day you might want to put on a jacket since it does get chilly and even more dry too.

What To Wear For Daytime Activities In Vegas During November?

Vegas is generally a hot place so during November and daytime it would be no exception as well. But since the temperature kind of drops so it does get a bit pleasant but it is still dry though.

You can wear simple button shirts with shorts during the daytime out on the street. If you are just confused and would be spending the entire day out, might as well get a full sleeve shirt with you while roaming around.

Flip-flops are extremely comfortable and breathable so that is also a good choice. Generally, around this time of the year, you would see locals wearing sneakers and a pair of jeans that is comfortable for moving around and it doesn’t feel too heavy either.

For women, you can always go for a skirt and dress-like apparel since the weather during the day is enjoyable. But do pair it with some full sleeve tops since you do need sun protection and make sure it is made out of light fabric so it doesn’t get hot either. 

What To Wear For Night-time Activities In Vegas During November?

It’s night time I’m Vegas and it is totally justified for you to check out the local bars or something exciting like a casino. Nights here during this time of the year are chilly so grab a jacket with you. 

In Vegas, there are bars and casinos that do not allow you to wear baggy pants or jerseys and sneakers. You might want to check in on the dress code for the bar you’re going to visit so that nothing gets in the way of a fun night.

And if you carry a backpack, need to check for that as well because some casinos don’t allow that as well. 

For a casual hangout, a zip-up sweater works really well so that you can remove it conveniently too. As opposed to a heavy bulky jacket, it is best that you wear something warm and easily removable that goes up to your neck. 

Other Things To Pack:

Since it is dry weather during November in Vegas you might want to pack different things that would make your stay convenient. 

  • Pack a moisturizer and with Vegas weather, a moisturizer is a must. 
  • A pair of sunglasses and a hat would go really well during the daytime and it is definitely a chic look.
  • Sunblock is a must and the perfect volume would be more than SPF 50.
  • Do pack some nice dresses if you want to visit a fancy bar or casino in Vegas.

Final Verdict:

If you really want to make your trip affordable too you should book a flight in October because the charges are much lower at this time too. For people who live in much colder environments, Vegas is the perfect place to visit during this time of the year. 

The cold weather in November makes it much easier for people to explore Vegas

Doesn’t matter if you are just taking a walk or just going for a plain hike. 

Even though Vegas is a desert it does get chilly during the night time so many people prefer going to Vegas during November. The weather is manageable and you can leave right before the extra cold hits your stay. 

For most people, a good three-day trip is enough for Vegas because you can explore all the tourist sites without wasting any time. So best is that you plan a holiday on a weekend and spend time with all the shiny things during the days off.

And after a full fun weekend, you would want to return to your normal life after the crazy ride. 

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