Las Vegas is a wild place to take a vacation and the key is to select the ideal weather for that. March is the best time when you could visit Vegas and get the party started.

Even if you want to visit Vegas for just the weekend, you need to make sure that the weather is friendly enough. Most people during this month aim for the pool since it is a fairly good month to take a dip.

Weather Of Vegas During March

Since Vegas is situated in the Mojave Desert, the possibility of rain is very rare and the same happens during March. The temperature during March is generally on the rise since in the previous months’ the winter season hits the minimum levels. 

Daytime is pretty sunny which also means that you get to experience comfortable evenings during March. The weather during this month is very comfortable from taking a walk to going sightseeing. 

The average high temperature goes up to 22° Celsius which is not much but it does come with a bit of humidity as well. Mornings during this month are a bit pleasant the temperature is usually 9° Celsius which is cooler and feels amazing during a morning walk. 

You can see clear blue skies during March and even though half a day passes by, it is rare that you would see any clouds. There are some days where you might get to see an overcast but that is also rare to happen during this month. 

The evenings and the nights are a bit chilly so you might want to keep that in mind since it happens with the winter to summer transition. Even though it is chilly it doesn’t feel like freezing temperature at all.

The chances of rainfalls are higher at the beginning of the month as compared to the end of it. So if you are specifically looking for rain to happen, Vegas is not the ideal place to visit then.

During the afternoon time, it gets pretty windy and it is more like pleasant and comfortable air as compared to the nighttime when it’s cold. The wind speed recorded during March month is 8.5 mph in Las Vegas. 

This wind speed tends to maintain the temperature and slightly progresses into a cool afternoon and evening, eventually. Although we do suggest that it is best that you check the forecast before heading out. 

The best way to describe the weather in March in Vegas would be unpredictable and erratic. You would be needing to pack all sorts to get through this month specifically when you are on a holiday. 

What To Wear In Daytime During March In Vegas? 

Since the daytime is a bit sunny but still there is some air going around you should definitely wear something light like a tee that could be full sleeves as well for sun protection too. If it gets extra windy then remember to grab a light jacket to cover yourself up.

Wearing a hat is not only fashionable but also something that looks good on a beach and gives you shade from the sun. And while looking you don’t want to mess up your hair, so hats do come in handy there too. 

Layering is the best way to select your daytime outfits during this month in Vegas. Wear a simple crew neck shirt with a buttoned shirt so that you can take it off if you feel hot. 

For the beach, remember to pack your bathing suit and a pair of flip-flops just for walking around comfortably as well. 

Wearing shorts feels amazing during this month as well so, daytime dressing in Vegas is all about being comfortable and still checking forecasts for anything unexpected at the same time.

What To Wear In Night Time During March In Vegas?

Nights during March in Vegas are chilly so you need to carefully decide what to wear in comparison to the daytime. Wearing a dress is not the ideal thing but if you have to, get a jacket, shawl, or cashmere so that you don’t get cold.

Packing a pair of tights can also be great along with a pair of jeans so that you can roam around conveniently. 

Pack a pair of sneakers or boots for any casual or fancy gathering that you might want to attend here as well. 

Other Things To Pack:

There are some essentials that you should be packing during your trip to Vegas in March. Since it is a mix of weather we are talking about, so the essentials are going in accordance as well. 

  • Pack a moisturizer and make sure that you have a hydrating moisturizer.
  • SPF is the key for the times you are in the sun.
  • Bathing suit and a pair of sunglasses.
  • A nice big hat
  • Boots and sneakers for comfort and roaming around.

Final Verdict:

Vegas is certainly a dry and warm place, to begin with, and even during winters, there is nothing out of ten ordinary happenings when it comes to weather.

You do need to stay hydrated in whatever month you are going to Vegas. You should always keep some cute jewelry with you like always because a few accessories hurt nobody. 

This is the ideal month in which you can visit Las Vegas and since the evenings are quite pleasant it is the best time to party and gamble too. 

While booking a trip, make sure to check out any discounts and deals on the flights you are going to be taking because it would just be more convenient. 

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