Switzerland is a mountain-based country so you can definitely expect some really good sights upon visit. It is situated in Central Europe and it has a lot of villages, lakes, and the Alps’ highest peaks you would see.

The cities here have these medieval neighborhoods like there is this wooden chapel bridge in Lucerne and a Zytglogge clock tower located in Bern. The hiking trails and the ski resorts are also very popular in this country. 

If you really want to enjoy good vacation then September is the month it gets better there. It is the perfect time for some outdoor sports and the ideal environment for some grape harvesting for the ultimate winemaking. 

Weather In Switzerland In September

September is considered the first month of fall in Switzerland. Despite that, the outdoors are warm, pleasant, and amazing for doing activities outside as well.

The temperature here depends on the heights basically so the valleys that you see here have more mild to warm temperatures than any other habitat at a certain height.

The average temperature in Lugano, Geneva, and Zürich is around 19° C. This temperature is slightly cooler than in August and July. 

In the high-altitude Alps like at Zermatt, the temperature in September is around 7°C which is pleasant and not so warm at all. There is a visible decline in temperature on a daily basis so the gradual decline is between 21°C to 17° C. 

You won’t experience the temperature during September going above 27°C on a daily basis, so overall the weather is nice and reasonably better. 

Low temperatures here happen during the night time like it would something between 12°C to 8°C which is completely normal. On rare occasions, the temperature could also drop to 4°C easily. 

What To Wear During Daytime In Switzerland During September?

First, you have to make sure what city you are going to visit and that’s how you should be packing for daytime activities in the particular city. 

So if you are visiting Zurich, wearing a jacket, pair of jeans, and for women, a dress with leggings would look perfect as well. Although during daytime it is pleasant but warm, you can wear jeans shorts too and that would feel light and airy as well. 

If you are going to walk a lot then wearing sneakers or trainers would look great as well. Although if you don’t want to be too warm, going for sandals is also a great idea.

It is a mix of weather in Switzerland at this time of the year so you might also want to carry a small umbrella with you during your day trip. Keep a small travel size so that it doesn’t get in the way. 

Keeping a raincoat with you can also come in handy from time to time. If you are going to be hiking, then make sure that you have your hiking boots and a backpack with you. 

Wearing jeans would work too if you don’t want any scratches going all the way up while hiking. 

What To Wear During Nighttime In Switzerland During September?

Hoodies at night-time are going to be your best friends for sure. If you feel chilly you can zip up your hoodie or take it off when you feel warm while taking a walk or dining somewhere. 

Evenings are colder here so wearing a jacket with a scarf would also help a lot. If there is a lot of cool breezes then you can wear the air-proof jackets as well so basically, one layer of a sweatshirt with a jacket like that would be enough. 

While going up in the mountains, in order to not catch a cold you can wear gloves and hats that cover your ears as well. While taking your kids out make sure that they have these two essentials on as well. 

During the nighttime, you can wear a dress but make it a bodycon one since flowy dresses tend to catch more air and they keep you less warm too. So a sequin dress with a jacket and you’ll be good to go for the evening dining in. 

Other Things To Pack:

There are some essentials that you carry no matter what location you’re going for. On a daily basis, you need to carry essentials while visiting Switzerland and due to mixed weather there is going to be a lot to pack. 

You definitely don’t need anything super warm or big but definitely something that does the job alright according to the weather. 

  • Keep a pair of sunnies with you. Daytime here is bright and sunny so that would look and feel great as well.
  • Carry skincare and travel size as well.
  • Sunscreen is very important and crucial.
  • Carry a shawl with you during nighttime.
  • Sandals and sneakers are equally important.
  • Hiking boots are perfect for a hike day.
  • Hats during the daytime would help with the extra sun exposure.

Final Verdict:

Switzerland is definitely a beautiful place to visit and September is the ideal month when it’s not too cold or hot so it’s comfortable all the way. While packing for this one you do need to decide which city you are going for since the weather alters accordingly.

The sights here are really beautiful with the leaves changing colors during the autumn weather. This is kind of an accessory since it makes the landscapes look really beautiful as well.

You can enjoy walking through the mountains while hiking or going down to a valley. Because every spot is going to be vivid and full of colors. 

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