For people who are visiting Phoenix for the first time and don’t know what to expect weather-wise, it is going to be very unpredictable. The place is famously known as the Valley Of Sun and it does remain true to its name. 

The weather remains nice overall so you can actually do a lot of fun things here as well. 

There are some baseball games that you can catch, there is this tequila tasting Nash that takes place in the Desert Botanical Gardens at the Litchfield Park Art and Wine Festival.

Other than this, there is a variety of events that you get to enjoy while your stay in Phoenix, Arizona. From Aloha to Italian festivals to drinking tequila it is all about fun and adventure.

Events In Phoenix During March

Spring training is one the most hyped-up events that you would get to witness. It is when all the Major League Baseball teams team up and form a Cactus League and head to Phoenix for training sessions. 

People get to see their favorite sportsman up close and it is in a small stadium so the experience is really intimate for the viewers.

There’s also an Italian Festival in Phoenix where you see and celebrate la dolce vita. It is live entertainment that consists of acrobats, cooking demonstrations, musicians, a spaghetti eating tournament, and a lot of Italian food that you can eat and have a good time. 

Weather In Phoenix In March 

Most parts of the country here actually start to defrost this time of the year, Phoenix weather is more inclined towards being sunny and warm. That is only in comparison with the other parts and overall March is the most comfortable month to visit this place.

The extreme heat here arrives later after a couple of months so you don’t have to pack something heavy like a coat or something. 

The average high temperature that you would see here is 26 degrees Celsius and the lows are 12 degrees Celsius. 

Since this place is essentially based in a desert so the nights do get chilly and the temperature goes to 7 degrees C. So if you are going to walk around, leave with the right kind of clothing.

And throughout the year Phoenix is a dry place and the month of March is no exception as well.  There are very few chances of rainfall but you can expect a storm so watch out for that one.

Even though there can be storms but they don’t last for a long time so basically you don’t have to be cautious that much. 

What To Wear In Daytime During March In Phoenix?

Phoenix is dry and sunny during the daytime so you need to be casual with the dressing. Just go for a tank top and a light pair of bottoms like shorts or pants. 

You don’t want to wear anything heavy or loaded. Make sure that you wear dark colors while going to a food festival because it would be getting messy real quick. 

If it rains, which is a rarity, pack a light jacket or a raincoat with you. It would be convenient if you just went for a jacket that is waterproof too. 

Wear close-toed shoes when there is a chance of rain and they are comfortable so you don’t really regret it. 

What To Wear During Nighttime In Phoenix In March?

Phoenix is in a desert so it is going to be cold at night time in March. So you might want to wear a light cardigan or a shawl with you if you are wearing a fancy dress.

Putting on a pair of jeans and a shirt with a light jacket really helps if you are out on a walk. Sneakers are the best choice, they are comfortable and they keep your feet warm enough for the nighttime. 

Other Things To Pack

One thing that you can never forget while going anywhere is your travel essentials kit. You can buy some at the place you are visiting, but it also sounds to be fully packed and for tourists, things are festivals and stuff are pricey for some reason.

You don’t have to unnecessarily splurge, all you got to do is pack the important stuff. 

  • Sunscreen is important and does wear something that is high than SPF 30 to 50. 
  • A pair of cool sunglasses because why not.
  • Pair sneakers and boots for the nighttime.
  • A pair of nice dresses and footwear because you never know.
  • Pack a good moisturizer.
  • Flip-flops for the daytime and if not then sandals.
  • A light jacket and coat.

Final Verdict:

March is the ideal month to visit Phoenix and many students on spring break visit it as well. You need to book your tickets way early because during the season there is a serious price hike and you don’t want that.

This month is also considered best for discovering the hiking trails and for that you need to carry hiking boots with you. Thanks to occasional rain you get to see a lot of blooming flowers during the hike and even in general so it is beautiful all over.

You know you have to enjoy food at the food festivals here but do some savings before leaving for Phoenix. The food is good but expensive so you would be paying a lot for a plate of pasta at a festival. 

Overall, taking a vacation here leads to some rich and fun experiences so you won’t be disappointed in the least and it would be worth each penny. 

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