New York is the heart of America. This hustling bustling cosmopolitical city has become a prime tourist spot in recent years.

Especially in May, a wave of tourists flows into the city. This numbers around 65 million. That’s 8.5% of the world’s population!

The city hosts a variety of events each year. This year too, it has exciting plans. Let’s take a peek at some of them.

The annual must-take-place events include Ninth Avenue’s International Food Festival, TD Five Boro Bike Tour, Frieze New York, and Bronx Week.

Other festivals are Mother’s day, NYC Queen’s Night Market, and NYC Japan Parade.

Big rivalries and sports clashes in NBA, MLB, NHL are rumored to take place in New York.

Are you planning a trip to NYC? Then you need to know what to pack with you for a truly mesmerizing, hassle-free trip to the heart of America!

How is NYC’s Weather in May?

New York in May is a blessing from God. There is gorgeous spring weather, clear skies, and cool breezes to feel.

Such weather is perfect for taking those aesthetic Instagram model pictures.

This paired with a mild temperature, each event can be enjoyed joyfully.

The temperature ranges from as low as 15 degrees Celsius or 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other extreme, the higher temperature can be 25–27 degrees Celsius or 77-79 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nighttimes are generally cooler, with a decreased temperature of 12 degrees Celsius or 53-54 degrees Fahrenheit.

The average day-time temperature value is 20 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The month of May also brings periodical showers.

During each week, one day of rain is expected. However, these outpours are not that severe.

What to Wear During Daytime Activities in New York?

In May, New York in the daytime is delightful to explore.

You will be accompanied by mild, almost chilly winds and will get to experience the subtle warmth from the bright sun.

Go Out For A Mother’s Day Brunch

This makes May the perfect time to enjoy an outdoor brunch.

With Mother’s Day coming up, it would be a nice idea to go out with your mum for a cute little brunch date.

So the first order for going out is sorting out the outfits.

We suggest that a dress might be your best option for this occasion.

Bright colors such as red or pink that match the theme of the season are better suited. Floral dresses are also in trend these days.

These can be paired with pumps, heels, and kitten mules.

Make sure to use a contrasting color so that your shoes stand out.

A bag can further elevate the look by adding another layer of contrast to your outfit.

Visit The Frieze Art Fair

The city does not forget or abandon artisans or aestheticians.

Especially for its art enthusiast community, they host an annual gathering known as Frieze.

The purpose of this event is to celebrate art and simple beauty that many cannot decipher. Now, the question arises, what to wear to such an event?

So with sophisticated people, a minimal semi-formal outfit would be preferable.

A white dress shirt with silk tapered pants and sandals might be a good choice.

A blazer can be added to look classy.

Another versatile choice can be a shirt or blouse with a pencil skirt paired with trotters.

Be mindful that the colors be minimal and bold such as white, navy, or even green.

For added sophistication, use a trenchcoat.

Check Out Ninth Avenue’s International Food Festival

Everyone loves food. What better place is there than New York to enjoy meals from all around the world in a single go.

The city will be hosting Ninth Avenue’s International Food Festival this year, giving you a rare opportunity to “eat them all.”

Comfort is our top priority at a food festival. It is probably going to involve a lot of walking and can even be crowded.

You can go two ways. Either dress in a feminine off-shoulder dress or a sundress and pair it with white trainers. You can still rock your fashion while avoiding blisters on your feet.

The other outfit involves jeans. These can be mom jeans or high-waisted jeans.

Wear them with a blouse and an oversized t-shirt and top it off with a cardigan.

Although these outfits may seem simple, they are going to provide maximum comfort. The outfit can be elevated by the use of accessories.

Don’t forget to take sunglasses. We also recommend straw hats.

What to Wear For Nighttime Activities in New York?

In addition to a lot of fun daytime activities, New York City is also active at night. The city doesn’t sleep. You will be out at 3 a.m, and it will still feel busy as ever.

Visit the Queen’s Night Market

Queen’s Night Market is one of New York’s first markets to ever open at night.

The purpose of the night bazaars is to explore them. The vendors are waiting for you to visit them.

New York City will be a little cold at night. Whatever you decide to wear, do not forget something to cover yourself.

A jacket, trench coat, or a cardigan might work.

These three are easy to combine other garments with. For night jeans may work best. Remember, the need to walk is a lot in a bazaar.

Therefore, trainers are the best choice.

Explore the Museum of Ice Cream

Honestly, this place tops our list for being the most Instagrammable.

The museum is filled with candy and ice cream-themed structures. They awaken the inner kid in you.

You can literally wear anything, from bright colored or dark colored t-shirt jeans combo to dresses and mini dresses.

Just be yourself, be confident, and snap those pictures.

We recommend funky, aesthetic, and quirky outfits to match the theme of the place.

Other Things You Should Pack For a May Holiday in New York:

Footwear: sandals and sneakers are essentials since you are going to be walking a lot.

Raincoat: weather is unpredictable; in May, there are few chances of rain.

However, you should avoid taking a risk and come prepared.

Portable Charger: Between taking pictures and walking a lot, your phone will eventually be drained of its battery.

Keep a portable charger, just in case.

Multipurpose Travel Wallet: Since you will be traveling a lot, having multiple bags would be a hassle.

Having a single place for your cards and passport will be super convenient.

Having ready cash available inside the wallet will also be good in places where a card can not be charged.

Final Advice

Wear anything that suits you; comfortable dresses are more convenient. However, for parties and high-end restaurants, it is better to keep 1-2 classy dresses available.

Sneakers are going to be your best friend in New York. Also, keep a jacket or coat for warmth because the temperature drops low in May.


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