New York is a city of energetic people and a constant work vibe that is much needed during the wintertime especially. November is a pretty chilly month in New York but it is tolerable and something people cope with while staying active.

 It is certainly cold but it can get comfortable here if you are constantly moving and just not letting it bother you. People take covering up during this weather pretty seriously and make it look like fashion as well. 

The streets are not like Paris, but everyone during winter takes out their winter coats and every New Yorker gets a different walk when they put on a coat. New York streets are the best place to witness street style since you get to see the latest trends and unique styles all at once.

And with so much diversity in the city, you really get to showcase your true colors in November and December while staying or living in New York. 

Weather In New York during November

During November, the weather in New York is noted to be falling but without the cold snaps, that really harsh winter has. The high temperature that you get to experience here is 15 degrees and the lower is 9 degrees C. 

During the beginning of the month, the temperature remains pretty calm and by the end of November, during the daytime, the temperature goes to 9° C, and during the nighttime, the temperature goes up to 2° C.

You can easily expect the last three to four nights during November when the temperature drops to 0 C too but it doesn’t go to minus or freezing cold. The majority of days during this month you get to see bright sunny days and for the remainder of the month, it is kind of overcast. 

New York rain during November is pretty rare to happen. Like hardly 2 to 3 days you would get to see a bit of drizzle and that is the extent of it. 

Snow is a very rare thing to happen during this month as well. During the entire winter, you get to see a bit of dusting of you may and that also happens once every decade so there is nothing exciting about that. 

What To Wear In Daytime During November In New York?

If you are going to stay here then make sure that you pack properly for the winter season because it is significantly cold in November as well. Make sure that you pack a coat and a rain jacket too because even if the rain is rare, it is still going to happen.

Keep a light jumper for the daytime to keep yourself warm and preferably a zip-down one so that you can really work it around. 

Keep a pair of solid denim with you that are warm but light too for the sunny days in New York. Packing a light jacket or a cardigan and wearing a sweatshirt underneath would be much better than just going for a single piece of clothing to cover up. 

Layering during this kind of weather when you don’t know if it is going to be too cold in the daytime too always comes in handy. 

Make sure that you keep a scarf or a hat to cover up for any cold windy situations during the daytime. Always put on some shades and sunblock for the sunny and bright days in New York. 

What To Wear In Night Time During November In New York?

Nights and evenings are colder here as compared to the days in November while you stay in New York. For nighttime, wearing pants or a pair of jeans really serves you well for the chilly situation.

Wearing a jacket with a simple light shirt would also do if you want to keep it light during the night as well. 

Wearing a dress can be easily managed if you are wearing a thick texture warm enough for the dropping temperature of the night. A shawl or a drape can cover up you nicely without you losing your dress look. 

Always wear sneakers if you want comfort and boots can do the same job too if you are going for something formal as well. 

Wearing a coat constantly can save you from the cold and even from the drizzle that might happen out of nowhere. 

Other Things To Pack:

There are some essentials that you have to keep in mind while packing for New York. 

You are going to need some basic functional stuff to get through the day and night in New York during November.

  • Pack an SPF for your sun exposure during the day.
  • A pair of boots and sneakers are going to be great for long walks.
  • If you are going to catch a game here, make sure to pack the right jersey.
  • A winter coat.
  • Moisturizing is key during this mild weather.
  • A bottle of water wherever you go.

Final Verdict:

New York remains a busy city throughout the year and for the locals, November here is not really that big of a deal. Since they are used to that kind of lifestyle, you can see them being casual about it and moving on with their lives.

If you are staying in New York and you happen to catch a Knicks game, do not miss out on that opportunity. New York has a very strong scene in fashion so there are shows happening in town every now and then so you can always check those out too. 

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