New Orleans is without a doubt the best place to visit during the holiday season since there are so many festivities. New Orleans is known for its strong football scenes and excellent cuisine so it does become a must-visit place for everyone.

There are days here during November that are plain dedicated to the delicious dishes at different restaurants. The tourists here always come for the football rivalry scenes here and the Caribbean presence is celebrated delightfully in Crescent city. 

If you are planning a trip with your loved ones, make sure that you come with an empty stomach while anticipating loads of fun.

November is definitely the most exciting month to spend here. There is a hyped-up celebration of the Caribbean culture here. 

This all happens in the first week of November and it takes place annually, called Bayou Bacchanal. The rest of the event features music, food, dancing, and a diverse representation of Caribbean nations. 

There is also this Oak Street Po-Boy Festival and Boudin, Bourbon, and Beer event that happens where chefs around the country gather here and make a variety of dishes themed according to the event. 

Weather In New Orleans During November

The weather in New Orleans during November is tolerable and nothing you can’t handle without putting on something heavy.

The high average here is 71°F to 51° F so it is pretty pleasant almost every day. This is also the month where you get to see some hurricanes too so do watch out for that.

Generally, it is humid in New Orleans throughout the year so winters are actually airy which makes it a pleasant experience to take a trip here. You would also need to look out for rainy days but it is nothing too drastic.

Nights can be pleasant and not too cold so you can be creative with your clothing as well. Days are bright and sunny which makes it perfect to attend the festivities because it never gets hot like summers here.

What To Wear In November During Daytime In New Orleans?

You should be focused on comfort while packing for New Orleans during November in general. Pack something light for the daytime like a linen shirt that is not warm but breathable. 

A pair of pants would look perfect with a shirt on top. Wear some nude and festive colors because it is the holiday season too. Thanksgiving is just around the corner so you might want to embrace the spirit with your clothing especially.

Layers on top of your shorts or pants would look great and since it is the season to wear your diverse kind of outerwear, you can always mix and match. 

While visiting places for the festivities or even generally you would need good walking shoes. Pack a good and comfortable sole-based pair of sneakers and boots that can make walking easier.

If you are going to be in the Garden District, having an umbrella during this time would be nice too. 

Women can easily go for a crop top and some shorts like a denim skirt or something that you can slip into easily and nothing too intricate.

If you are planning to dine somewhere then going for a casual yet formal look like with a pants and jacket would do just fine. There are some dining etiquettes here that you have to follow even during the daytime.

As for women, you can always wear a flowy sundress in the daytime to keep it formal but not over the top. 

Always bring sunscreen with you everywhere during the day because sun exposure, if you don’t want to tan, can be a cause of sunburn too sometimes.

What To Wear In November During Night-time In New Orleans?

Always wear a scarf and a light jacket on top of the camisole or tank tops that you wear. Layering works really well during the night because the temperature does kind of drop and the cool breeze feels really fine too.

Since there are so many fancy places and eateries you can explore, do bring your best formal apparel for the night. Make sure they are dark colors and nothing too bedazzled though.

You want to keep it casual but classy at the same time. Cashmere looks really good with a sequin dress so that is something to think about.

You can wear heels but since you are on a trip so keep it simple with toe-opened sandals instead. 

What Else To Pack:

There are some essentials you would be needing that can help you maximize the fun while you stay in New Orleans, this time of the year. 

  • Casual pants and skirts to enjoy the breeze.
  • One long sleeve shirt for the evenings.
  • Walking shoes like sneakers or boots.
  • Dress pants and dresses too.
  • And you can’t forget the dancing shoes because of the festivities.

Final Verdict:

There is so much that you can explore here but one thing you don’t really have to worry about is the clothing. Like just keep it simple and comfortable and you’ll be good to go.

Food is a big part of these festivities and if you have missed out on any of the food events there are some places you can visit and get an authentic taste. 

There are Po-Boys and Gumbo that can be found in almost every lane throughout the city. This city is not necessarily popular for its cheese if you are craving some during a fine evening. 

But you can check out some places that do sell the perfect cheese variations for cheese connoisseurs. With some fine cheese and drinks, your vacation would feel a lot better. 

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