If you are moving to Los Angeles then that would be a total 180-degree change from wherever you have been. It is a quiet happening place and the diversity this city has is impactful in every sort of way.

Speaking of impactful, the weather is a good thing to consider while moving anywhere. Generally, Los Angeles is a warm and sunny place 263 days a year but for winters here, you need to prepare for it as well. 

The Weather In LA During November 

Even though there are no drastic turnouts of weather in LA you still need to be prepared for the winters here. Primarily the weather here is warm so in November the weather gets a bit more comfortable and breathable as compared to harsh summers. 

Afternoons here are pleasant and the temperature normally drops to 25 Celsius maximum but you do experience the winter dryness as the temperature settles down. 

By the end of November, you experience a rapid change in the temperature and that goes up to 4 Celsius which is clearly much less than how you start in LA in November. 

A normal day during November would be 16 Celsius and that is normally the extent of it and the 4°C temperature is kind of rare, to be honest. 

November is also the start of the rainy season in Los Angeles which brings an end to hot summers too. But in some cases, rainy days here don’t really happen until January, so most of the daytime during November is sunny and bright.

November is also the ideal month for surfing in LA. So, in short, November is also a month when you can explore a lot in LA. 

What To Pack For Your Daytime Activities During November In LA?

Packing layers always helps when you are not sure what to make in November in LA. A simple shirt during the daytime when it is sunny can really help with taking in the fresh coming-winter air. 

If it rains, which is again a rarity, you can always take a raincoat with you or a manageable small jacket that can also protect you from sun exposure. Wearing sunscreen during the sunny days here is crucial. 

Even if you are wearing a jacket or a fully covered light tee, applying sunscreen every two hours can go a long way. 

During the day, since you get to go to a lot of places like the beach or anything, you need to keep a cool front when it comes to clothing. Don’t try too hard, in short. 

Women tend to wear tights or leggings during the daytime since they are comfortable and practical too. But if you feel like wearing a dress during the daytime, don’t forget to pack any sheer pair of tights that you own, that way you won’t really feel them on your legs but it would be comfortable too. 

Wearing beachy colors like something vibrant always looks good during this kind of weather and daytime. So whether you going to a beach or not, a pair of shorts or jeans with a comfortable top that pops won’t look bad at all. 

What To Pack For Night-time Activities In LA During November?

If you are going to have fancy dinners then going for a formal dress for women and a shirt and pants for men would simply work the best. But if you are really into exploring by walking around during November in LA, might as well keep a light jacket or jumper with you. 

Packing a pair of jeans and some tights can really help with the slightly chilly but comfortable weather during November evenings. 

But if it is a pleasant evening with a subtle temperature, wearing shorts won’t hurt and you’ll look part of the crowd too. For dining in a low-key restaurant, wearing jeans and a top would do just fine for both men and women.

Other Things To Pack:

Other than being hands-on about the clothing you’re going to be wearing during November in LA, there are some essentials you should double-check before leaving. 

  • Sunscreen is a must. Best if it is SPF 50 and above.
  • Shades would be a necessity and let’s be honest they look good on everyone on a sunny day. 
  • Your skin care is essential too.
  • If you love hiking then packing a pair of hiking boots is the answer to your hobby happening in LA too.

Final Verdict:

Winter kind of debuts in November in LA so you need to make sure that you have everything for the mixed weather. 

There is so much that you can explore while you stay in LA like the Hollywood Christmas Parade that happens right after Thanksgiving. This happens on Sunday evening after the holiday. 

If you are a parade person then you also might want to check out the Doo Dah Parade which is almost like a small town parade since it is not that huge. 

The LA Auto Show is something that everyone looks forward to during November and it starts right in the middle of the month. You can see 1000s of cars being displayed which are more like conceptual designs in front of you. 

The best part is that you can even test drive these cars to double the excitement. 

According to many people, the best time to visit LA is during September and November when the weather is in its ideal form. It is breathable out there and the people are very less oppressive, to be honest. 

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