The Winter season is very definitive. Even if it is mild in some parts of the world you know you have to remain warm almost all the time. 

Winters usually arrive in December in Los Angeles and if you are planning to travel in the midst of this season then you better pack properly. Los Angeles, in general, is a city where things remain normal weather wise and it is very scarce for something drastic to happen throughout the year. 

December in LA can be a bit nippy and the temperature does drop significantly as opposed to hot summers. You won’t see people going to the beach that often, that is for sure. 

The Weather In LA During December

The temperature during winters in LA and especially in December can drop to the mid-50s which is pretty normal. The most drastic change of weather would be going down till the 70s and that is low. 

Since overall the temperature of Los Angeles is under control and it can get super hot and tolerably cold too during December, there is no chance it would ever snow here. Unless the human race faces horrible climate change, possibilities are endless.

The closest it comes to snow in Los Angeles is in the mountain area and that too on Mount Baldy. 

You can see rainy days showing up out of nowhere during December since from the start of November till January there are high chances of rain. 

So, you really need to be careful how you pack. If it is not the cold, an unexpected rainy day can ruin your plans and you might end up feeling a lot colder than you are supposed to. 

Even though you should be keeping something warm with you all the time you might also want to focus on something that could keep you dry as well. 

December is known as the wettest month due to heavy rains in Los Angeles as compared to other cold months. 

What To Pack For Daytime Activities In LA During December?

The best thing that you can do is pack yourself a light jacket and a jumper too for the daytime. During December, the day is sunny but the weather is still very pleasant. 

For the locals, this kind of weather is the best thing ever. You can see people around you walking and wearing layers of clothing. 

During the daytime, you can keep it casual and general like a cotton shirt with a pair of jeans or if you want to feel the air, a pair of shorts would do too. Even though swimming or taking a dip is not the best idea during December in LA, packing a bathing suit can be a good thing.

Although people, during December in LA, love to visit saunas, that is the best place to make use of your bathing clothes too. 

Wearing flip-flops during daytime is also very common here and since comfort is key so you might want to hop on that bandwagon too.

What To Pack For Night-time Activities During December In LA?

Since the weather in winters kind of stays unpredictable in LA during December so you might want to focus on layering in the nighttime as well. 

One day would be freezing and the other day might be warm but at night, it is always chilly and sometimes it does get comfortable too. Keep a jacket near you and if you want to wear a skirt, make sure that you pair them with leg warmers too.

Wear some nude colors if you are going to wear a jumper or a cardigan. Nude colors and some dark hues like black or maroon look really pleasant in the evening time. 

You can always pair your dress with some chic jewelry but nothing over the top, just keep it casual. If you don’t feel like wearing something heavy like a sweater, wearing cashmere that is light yet warm can really help.

Going for long evening walks just like the locals in LA during December? Always keep a comfortable pair of sneakers with you to actually enjoy walking. 

Other Things To Pack:

Even though the weather is chilly in December in LA, the situation still remains confusing once you see how the locals around you are so casual about it. There are some essentials that you need to carry that would not only make your stay joyful but are simply a logical way to go.

  • Pack a moisturizer with you. Skin gets dry in winter so be it  LA winter or anywhere else, moisturizer is a must.
  • Pair of socks and leg warmers are going to be a lifesaver for you. 
  • Shades never really go out of style 365 days a year.
  • Your important prescribed medication and some painkillers.
  • Flip Flops and sneakers for the ultimate comfort because you don’t want to miss out at all on that.

Final Verdict:

When you think of winters in a foreign land you have to think of every possibility there is. If you are visiting Los Angeles during December make sure to catch up on some Christmas festivities in your neighborhood. 

This is the best month to go to a concert and not to mention to take the Six Flags Magic Mountain tour. 

But nothing tops the extravaganza of New Year’s Eve for which Los Angeles is very popular. At the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, the people bring out Santa and stars too. It is a spectacle to witness something like this during your visit to LA. 

Ice-skating is always fun and especially at the Dodgers ice-skating rink that is open for everyone. 

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