Winters are definitely cold but Florida is always going to be the sunshine state, not every day is a sunny day though. People visit Florida for a lot of things like the beach, theme parks, and cruises so basically there is a lot to discover.

January is the ideal month to visit Florida since it is not that cold but definitely something that makes your stay pleasant. 

Florida is a pretty safe place weather wise so you really don’t have to worry about packing anything heavy for the trip. But there are a few essentials and types of clothing that would make the weather more enjoyable.

Weather In Florida During January

Even though January is the best time you could visit Florida, January is also the coolest month that you can experience here. 

The coldness level of January depends on where you are traveling in Florida. If it is the northern side then the temperature is going to be a bit cold and as for the southern side, the temperature is cold but with a mix of apparent warmth as well.

The average temperature during this month in Florida goes up to 39F to 73F during the daytime. It gets a bit chilly during the night and the temperature you generally experience is 26F to 17F.

It is very safe to say that you won’t be experiencing anything harsh whether it be the sun or the cold nights. There is seldom rain but there is less frequency in that too. 

What To Wear In Daytime During January In Florida?

If you are coming from the Arctic or something you are going to love it here during the daytime in Florida. It is sunny and bright so a beautiful escape from freezing cold.

Layering clothes is always the best idea if you really want to enjoy the weather here. Going to the beach, wear your bright colored shirts and shorts that would look great and you can really enjoy the sea.

Flip-flops are going to be your best friends for the ultimate beach comfort. Also while you are at it, squeeze in some sunscreen because sun exposure can be damaging too.

If it does get a bit cloudy (which almost never happens) you can always grab your raincoat with you. 

Talking about footwear earlier, mules are a thing here, these are the closed shoes without backs. They look really good during the day and you can basically pair it with any outfit you want. 

If you are visiting the northern side, you can always try layering with a top buttoned shirt with a camisole or a tank top of your choice. So if you do feel hot, just simply take off the top layer.

What To Wear In Night Time During January In Florida?

Nights around here do get a tad chilly and for that, your slightly warm clothes would come in handy. 

You can cover yourself with a jacket or a vest and wear a sweatshirt underneath for one more layering. Wearing a scarf during the night can also keep you warm but nothing overwhelming.

The best part of wearing a scarf is that you can pair it with a jacket or skirt so it is basically very versatile. And since it is winter you want to go for colors that are dark and look good at night. 

Mules and sneakers during the night are going to save you from the bit of cold you feel happening around. Mules can be worn with or without socks and sneakers are pretty much the same except they do have a back. 

When you are wearing a dress or a skirt and you want that extra coverage on your legs, go for sheer leggings or fishnets because they are trendy right now. 

Fishnets add the perfect texture to your look without making it look like too much is happening. You can pair it with ankle boots as well so it is the perfect evening look you’ve been wanting. 

Other Things To Pack:

There are going to be some things that you are going to need while you stay in Florida, be it the north side of the southern. Some of the items can be skincare and some important medication that you have to carry anyway.

Florida’s weather during January does require you to pack some essentials and that is;

  • Sunscreen for unwanted sun exposure.
  • A fun bathing suit.
  • Hats and preferably big ones.
  • Sandals and also can’t mention enough flip flops.
  • Other than fashion hats, always remember to carry a sun hat as well.
  • A pair of sunglasses because it’s bright and sunny.

Final Verdict:

Florida is the ideal place to take a vacation with your loved ones. During January, specifically when you don’t really have to worry about clothing that much, you get the best time with the perfect weather.

Beaches are enjoyable and relaxing so, in Florida it doesn’t get any better than this. You can always carry around your small backpack with you to carry your essentials if you ever need something for the road.

When you visit Florida, make sure to visit the cruise as well where you might want to dress up a bit since in the evening everyone tends to do that. 

And when you visit the theme parks here you obviously would want to purchase the specialty shirts for you and your family. These shirts are going to cost you twice as much as you pay online or at your local stores so definitely watch out for that.

Hang on to these tips and you’re going to love it in Florida. 

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