The easternmost point of Massachusetts is home to the arm-shaped peninsula known as Cape Cod. 

It is a popular tourist destination with countless miles of beaches, as well as natural and historic attractions, art galleries, and numerous four-star dining establishments.

Antique lovers and guests who prefer bed & breakfasts are also huge fans of the area. 

Here, there are several options for playing golf, going fishing, and other outdoor sports.

May, June, September, or October are the ideal months to explore Cape Cod.

cape codThe shoulder seasons bring comfortable weather for outdoor activities, fewer tourists than the busy summer months, and inexpensive hotel rates.

One of Cape Cod’s best-kept secrets is the shoulder season in the fall. As the tourists depart for home, hotels significantly reduce their rates.

And even though the weather is beginning to cool off, the month of September is still beautiful and warm, ideal for going to the beach.

The Cape Cod events schedule for September is still packed with enjoyable things to see and do even though summer is coming to a close.

Below we have made a list for you of the events and festivals that are scheduled for September in Cape Cod:

  • Eastham’s Windmill Weekend Festival
  • Cape Cod Doxie Day
  • Tennessee Williams Theater Festival
  • Cranberry Cluster Dog Shows
  • Seaside LeMans Race
  • Love Local Fest
  • Harwich Cranberry Arts & Music Festival
  • Cape Cod Canal Day
  • Cape Cod Brew Fest
  • Cape Cod Vintage Motorcycle Show
  • Autumn at The Manse

Cape Cod’s Weather In September

In Cape Cod, September is typically mild, with warmer weather during the daytime. But once the sun sets, the air does become frigid.

And occasionally, in late September, we do see days that don’t get much warmer than the low 60s.

In Cape Cod, during September, the daily highs drop by 8°F, from 74°F (23.3°C) to 66°F (18.8°C), and are rarely below 58°F (14.4°C) or over 81°F (27.2°C).

Whereas the daily lows drop by 8°F, from 61°F (16.1°C) to 53°F (11.6°C), rarely drop below 44°F (6.6°C) or rise above 67°F (19.4°C).

What To Wear For Daytime Activities In Cape Cod?

Many people talk about visiting Cape Cod during the summer, but did you know that the fall is also a great time to go?

In fact, some residents and visitors to Cape Cod believe that autumn is the ideal time of year to visit the island.

During the fall, Cape Cod offers a variety of activities, gorgeous weather, fun festivals, and fewer tourists. 

We have enlisted a few of them below:

  • Play a Round of Golf on Cape Cod
  • Visit a Cape Cod Museum
  • Pick a Pumpkin on Cape Cod
  • Tour a Cranberry Bog
  • Get One Last Look at the Whales
  • Hit the Cape Cod Rail Trail
  • Taste Some Wine
  • Go on a Nature Walk
  • Take In a Cape Cod Fall Festival
  • Book a Haunted Cape Cod History Tour
  • Cruise Route 6A as the Seasons Change

The game is meant to be casual. You ought to dress casually during the day. In almost every town on the Cape, you’ll see people wearing dresses, shorts and t-shirts, and sneakers. You’ll blend in if you wear minimal jewelry.

The spring and fall are when the Cape’s weather varies the most. You must thus bring layers and options!

A casual t-shirt and jeans are a nice option to start because there will be some warm days.

Remember to layer up or down depending on the weather by wearing them with a sweater and a jacket.

Put on a scarf and hat to dress it up. They look good and will also keep you warm. Throughout these seasons, closed-toed footwear is essential.

For biking and outdoor exploration, you can dress in anything from fashionable boots to sneakers.

What To Wear For Nighttime Activities In Cape Cod?

The famous hook-shaped peninsula of Massachusetts is well recognized for its bright beaches and stunning natural walking trails, but those features are just the beginning of what this area has to offer.

Even after the sun sets, you can still have a ton of fun here. 

There are many fun activities that you can do during the nighttime, a few of them are listed below:

  • Visit Ryan Family Amusements
  • Go to Seaside Pub On Main
  • Ryan’s Ten Pin Eatery & Arcade
  • Cape Playhouse
  • Cape Cod Mall
  • Barnstable Comedy Club
  • Ryan Family Amusements
  • Cape Gun Works
  • Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf
  • Cape Cod Melody Tent
  • Upside Down Escape Games
  • Cape Cod Inflatable Park
  • Cape Playhouse
  • The Cape Cod Art Bar
  • Ten Pin Eatery

Remember, layers are everything and you don’t really have to be too dressy when you’re in Cape Cod.

From t-shirts to hoodies all are acceptable, and if you’re arriving later in the fall, a light jacket will be required at night.

Additionally, don’t forget to pack something waterproof, especially if you’re going on a whale watch.

Make sure you take some jeans and a sweatshirt because it gets chilly at night.

A gorgeous dress and a pair of Jack Rogers are the ideal outfit combination if you’re headed to a fancy supper.

Other Things You Should Pack For A September Holiday In Cape Cod:

Keeping the weather conditions in mind, we have made a list of various items that you will need to pack.

The weather in Cape Cod can be unpredictable in September. You should therefore be ready for both hot and cold conditions throughout the day.

Use this packing list as a starting point when organizing a vacation to Cape Cod in September:

  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • Thermals
  • Quality warm socks
  • Camera
  • Warm sweater
  • Medications
  • Hand-sanitizer
  • Mobile phone
  • Power bank
  • Maps
  • Toiletries
  • Masks
  • Sanitizer

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