As compared to the rest of the year, January is a quiet month in Austin. The city is still about the holiday cheers which makes it a great place to start your new year as you can see the lights hanging up in most of the places.

People in Austin might think that January is cold here but people visiting from Northern states can vouch for otherwise. Regardless of this, if you are going to visit here you have to dress according to the weather because it ranges from mild to icy cold. 

You get to see minimal crowds which means that you don’t have to wait in line to eat somewhere and there are fewer people on the beach as well. You can take a walk on the beach, go fishing, and even go to see a rodeo. 

There is so much that you can discover in this city especially now that it is silent and less crowded. 

Activities In January In Austin

Even though this month is famously known as a dead month for anything, you can certainly find a lot to do here. It is considered the best month for belated holiday celebrations, sports, and so much more.

If you are here you can also check out the museum and the animal parks because that is a popular hangout spots. You can also book a full-day tour across the Texas Hill Country. The pick-up for this tour is available from the Austin hotels you’re staying at as well.

You can also visit former President Lyndon B Johnson’s residence here and while you are on the tour, you can always check out the Texas Winery. 

January is also a perfect time to check out the saunas and take a long steam session. You can also go hiking since there are fewer crowds so you don’t have to face any trouble. 

Weather In Austin In January

Cold is a very subjective concept for people here and the weather is predictable for the locals as well. The average high temperature that one might experience here is 7 to 18 degrees Celsius and this remains throughout the state. 

The weather varies daily since it can be anything from mild and warm to cold. There is also a hint of humidity in the air so you should be considering that as well although it happens on warm days only.

January, in particular, is a dry month throughout the year but you do get some rain and that doesn’t happen that often. 

What To Wear During Daytime In Austin In January?

Always go for layering your clothing because there is a bit of everything in the weather during January. The layers should start from a tee to a warm jacket for the entire day. 

You can experience chilly early mornings so for that putting on a cardigan might help. Do remember to wear your sneakers or boots for the mm iced weather and a comfortable walk as well. 

Also, remember to carry your waterproof jacket or coat because the rain here during this month is going to be unexpected. It is nothing drastic because it is more likely a drizzle.

Wear your comfortable jeans or pants so that you do stay warm but not too much for the mild warm days. 

What To Wear During Nighttime In Austin In January?

Nights are pretty chilly around here in January and since you don’t have to face heavy crowds, there is less humidity and discomfort. You can technically dress for anything and almost everything.

If you are planning to take a long walk at the beach in the evening make sure that you cover up properly. Wear your socks and boots and you can fashion these with a dress, tee and pants combo as well.

Do pack a fancy suit or two for your night out to a fancy restaurant and since you don’t have to wait in long queues, you won’t be having any issues. 

Other Things To Pack

There are so many essentials other than clothing that you can not miss out on. Since the weather is mixed and it does get drastic with the cold nights, you need to pack up properly.

  • Skin care products.
  • Keep a water based moisturizer because there is a chance of humidity as well.
  • Always apply sunblock that is more than SPF 30.
  • Keep mosquito repellent.
  • Deodorant and some jewelry for the dress up session.
  • Sneakers, boots for hiking, and sandals.
  • Pack a bathing suit for the steam bath.

Final Verdict

You are visiting Austin in January so do not expect it to be casual cold because it can get super cold at times too. Pack your bulky sweaters as well along with warm shoes. 

The only time you can be casual with your clothes is when it gets humid and a bit warm during the daytime. There is also damp cold weather and keeping a jacket with you all the time can help you get through it. 

Austin is one of those places where you can kickstart your new year in January with some fun places and vibes. There are so many indoor games that you can try as well like bowling and pinball because the locals here know how to have fun even if there are no holiday celebrations. 

Don’t be surprised if you, all of a sudden, experience cold here because the temperature drops at the beginning of the month. 

Make sure to book the hotel tickets with good deals and overall you won’t be having an issue with the prices because it is not a busy month, hence the cost. 

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