Arizona is definitely a highlight and you simply have the one true sight here and that is the Grand Canyon. Arizona is situated in the South West of the United States and has a very diverse kind of geography.

I’m in the south region where you find deserts where you can experience very hot summers and chilly winters as well.

To the north in Arizona, you find mountain ranges, forests, and much larger deep canyons, that have a significantly moderate temperature but also experience snowfalls during winters. 

Travelers from all over the world visit this place for ski resort trips and to check out the Grand Canyon National Park. 

March has an ideal kind of weather for tourists because it is mainly the spring season so not too cold and not too hot. So actually planning a trip to Arizona in March might not be too shabby after all.

March is generally a pleasant month to visit Arizona. There is definitely a massive crowd you might see in public places but it is still breathable. 

Evenings are the best when it comes to taking a walk or going sightseeing with a group or alone.  

The Weather In Arizona During March

During March in Arizona, the temperature overall starts to warm up apparently. The temperature on a daily basis also kind of fluctuates remaining between 73 to 79 and that is during the month.

The temperature here going above 85 is not uncommon during the last days of March. On the other hand, the low temperature rises from 47 to 52 easily. 

But for the coldest areas, it should be remembered that there is still a chance that the temperature can go 32 degrees and that is for the coldest valley side only. There are mostly sunny days during the entire month.

There is still a possibility for this month to be rainy but not that much so for that particular thing you might want to check the forecast from time to time.

In the early years like during the 90s in Arizona, the weather in March only remained sunny and there used to be no rains at all. 

What To Pack For Daytime Activities In Arizona During March?

Since the days are bright and sunny, you need to pack a hat and a full sleeves shirt because once you step out on a sunny day, you would know how hot it gets sometimes even in March.

Always put on light layers of clothing during this time of the year in Arizona. The temperature is kind of warm and nights can be a tad chilly but that should not make you wear a jacket or a warm sweater during the day. 

If you are visiting the Grand Canyon, then we would recommend you to pack a light jacket for the daytime as well since it gets pretty airy. 

And if you are at the river make sure that you have the right equipment and keep yourself hydrated all the time. 

What To Pack For Night-time Activities During March In Arizona?

Night time during March is pretty okay like you don’t have to worry about sweating or anything like that. If you are on the cool valley side then you would experience some chilly and frost bites during the nighttime.

Must carry a light jacket or a cardigan to cover yourself up during the night. You can also cover yourself with cashmere so that it is not too heavy and keeps you warm as well.

If you are going sightseeing, then putting on a pair of jeans and a top with a jacket is the perfect combination for a night trip. Keep mosquito repellent with you while visiting the river because you don’t want to experience that during your trip.

Wearing a dress would be great as well just keep your legs warm and for that, you go for a pair of solid tights or even mesh ones would do just fine. 

Since it is nighttime, you can accessorize with some fine jewelry if you are wearing a dress. A necklace with a top and jacket would look pretty too. 

Other Things To Pack:

During the whole, be it March or December, there are some essentials that you should be carrying with you while you plan a trip to Arizona. With some bright sunny days in March and cool nights, here are some of the essentials you should be carrying:

  • Sunblock is a must and makes sure that the application is every two hours.
  • Pack a pair of sunnies and a big hat or even a baseball cap that could cover your face during the daytime.
  • A warm jacket for the cold nights.
  • Pack your skincare and mosquito repellent for the bugs.
  • Gym shoes, sandals, and hiking boots for some physical activities.
  • Chapstick and lip balm would be a lifesaver for you during your stay in the mixed weather.

Final Verdict:

People mainly visit Arizona for the Grand Canyon and hiking and climbing are the main reasons why it becomes an exciting experience. Just a pro tip, if you are climbing the canyon make sure that you wear a bandana as it would soak all the sweat and your vision won’t be compromised.

To keep your essentials near while climbing, always use a lightweight backpack so there is nothing that feels heavy. 

Overall, Arizona is a state where people go with great levels of energy to experience exercise activities. So whatever you pack, make sure that high spirits and energies are in there as well. 

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