To fix the length of your temple arms, you don’t necessarily have to visit an optician or a nearby hospital.

You can set it yourself without putting in much effort. No fancy equipment, nothing at all – You simply can get it done by yourself at home.

Obviously, you’ve got to be extra careful with the process as it may damage your lens if it deviates from the path we’ve laid ahead.

So, if you really are interested in giving it a shot on your own, read this article till the very end.

At the end of this post, you’ll walk away with the strategy to fix the short or long extent of the arms of your glasses.

Before you start with the procedure, you need to determine what change you are gonna make. Is it the length of the arms that hurt you, or it’s the nose pad?

It could either be an excessive bend in the temple or a straightened temple arm.

These are all the issues you may find yourself stuck with.

Your first job is to take a deep breath, sit back and see what it is that you currently are suffering with.

Of course, these are all the problems, but here in this guide, we’ve the solution for just the two categories of the issues above; short and the extra-long length of your glasses arms.

And even before we fix the length of the temple arms, our first shot has got to be the leveling of the temple arms.

Now, there are different ways to go about it. There’s no good or bad way. We’ll be sharing the one we recommend.

Otherwise, it all falls down on your shoulders to decide the one you’re comfortable with and optimize it accordingly, if needed.

Have you ever used a wire frame?

You’re supposed to bend it the way you do when joining any wire into a plug. Borrow a padded plier.

Use a padded one because the other one may damage the lens.

Grab the temple arms with the teeth of pliers and bend them to meet your requirements.

Remember, to make sure if your glasses are leveled – You gotta place them on a flat surface.

This will give an instant idea of how crooked your frame is.

In case it’s a plastic frame.

The previous practice now wouldn’t work. Now, you’ve got to heat your glasses with anything you’ve at your disposal.

The hair dryer does the job pretty well.

So, plug it in and focus the warm air onto the surface of the temple arms you want to adjust.

Touch the surface of the arms and see if it now can be molded.

Don’t direct extra pressure and heat on the legs because it may melt the plastic altogether.

The gentle pressure of the heat would allow you to bend your legs as per your needs.

Now, when your glasses are leveled.

Our job is to fix the extended and short length of the arm temples.

Assuming the temple arms of your glasses are longer than you need.

If that is the case, you simply need to shorten the length by applying the method we’ll be unfolding here for you.

Pull arms out of the front frame, if possible.

There are frames where pulling them out isn’t an option, and these are permanently attached to the front side.

Hence, you gotta opt for another way to shorten such frames.

If removable, separate legs from the frame to avoid scratch or unintentional damage to the lens.

Keep a knife and a rasp with yourself. A knife to cut and a rasp to refine the surface later, after the part is cut.

Gently place the pair of glasses on a table…

At the same time, heat the knife.

Make sure the blade isn’t heated much because it then may melt the surface in contact too.

Make sure the heat is good enough to cut the temple arms smoothly.

A tip: Leave room for you to make a mistake. Suppose, if you’re interested in cutting it down by 3 cm, cut just the 2 cm and see how it goes.

It’s easier to shorten than to lengthen the arms. Better take this into account.

After you’ve cut the arm, the surface now would be rough, which definitely will look unattractive and lousy. To cope with this, use a rasp and refine the edges to add a leveled touch.

There’s another way to heat the surface with the hair dryer and direct the heat onto the point where you intend to cut it down.

Again, maintain balanced heat and avoid prolonged exposure.

Again, use the knife and rasp in the same manner documented above.

Now, we’ll delve into the method to see how you can easily lengthen the temple arm with the help of a hair dryer.

Familiar with the bend at the end of the temple arm? These bands are basically there to support or easily place arms on your ears.

The primary purpose these arms serve is nothing but to rest the arm and keep it in place.

To lengthen the arm, you gotta use the hairdryer again. Apply a temperature of around 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

This temperature is trial and tested and try not to go beyond this figure.

Maintain the heat on the bent part for thirty seconds. Once heated, gently place your thumb over the bent portion and apply pressure.

You’ll experience the length of arms straightening.

This would have increased the length of your temple arms by a couple of cms.

This is how you can easily shorten or lengthen the arms of your glasses at home without having yourself visit an optician or a doctor.

If this article has been of any use, make sure you comment and let us know how it has been. If there’s something, you feel we should revisit – Do let us know in that case too.


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