You might have seen numerous rings with specific stamps engraved inside them. These stamps have standard jewelry abbreviations.

Jewelry manufacturers inscribe these stamps on rings and other pieces of jewelry to indicate important information about the piece entailing the manufacturing company or the metal content. 

One important question asked by consumers is what is the meaning of YGI on a ring. Well, YGI is a trademark of Yellow Gold Inc. It was founded in 1997 by Haviv Kassab an immigrant from Israel to The United States.

Before the establishment of YGI Group, Haviv had opened three retail stores a few blocks apart all on Jamaica Avenue, Queens. 

What does YGI 925 mean on a ring?

If you come across a ring with a stamp 925 inside it, It denotes that the ring incorporates 92.5% sterling silver content and the remaining 7.2% is composed of other metal elements. It means that the ring is purely gold-plated.

925 or 925 China is a standard marking on jewelry to denote sterling silver. Whereas, YGI refers to the YGI Group, a worldwide distributor of fine gold and sterling silver. 

What is YGI gold? What is it worth?

YGI Group is a renowned supplier of fine gold and sterling silver finished jewelry. The company has a corporate office in New York City’s Diamond District.

They have acquired good working relations with one of the best department stores, mass retailers, television networks, specialty stores, self-reliant retailers and online companies. They offer 10k and 14k gold to consumers across the globe.

The worth of their gold products depends on the karat. The price ranges from $399 to $849. 

Their catalog entails gold basic chains, bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings, findings, necklaces, gemstones and diamonds, and enamel jewelry. 

Moreover, they offer several shipping options such as FedEx, Ups, and Dunbar to accommodate their clients’ budgets and needs. 

Their in-house packaging, display and design team has expertise in creating custom solutions to fulfill their client’s requirements in an ever-changing retail environment. 


YGI on a ring indicates that it has been manufactured by YGI Group. It is a prominent distributor of fine gold and sterling silver finished jewelry. They have in stock 10k and 14k gold rings and other jewelry items. 

Now that you are aware of the importance and worth of YGI gold, continue shopping for the next item in your jewelry box.

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