Most pieces of jewelry including rings feature stamps with standard jewelry abbreviations. The stampings are mostly found on the inside surface of a ring or the back of a pendant. These stampings demonstrate substantial information about the piece entailing the designer or the metal content or purity of a piece.

Val stands for Valadium. This metal comes in white and yellow to resemble gold. It can be used as an economical alternative to gold as its price is far less than gold. Moreover, being a strong metal it won’t get scratched easily. 

Val rings are made of stainless steel with real gold plating on them. It is a trademarked stainless steel used by jewelry manufacturers for designing class and military rings. The metal comprises nickel, and will last for years.

The main reason behind its usage is its distinctive properties that offer a hyperallergic solution for the wearer.  

What is it worth?

A lot of rings are composed of a substance referred to as Valadium. Valadium is stainless steel and doesn’t hold its value like a valuable metal. Rings made of valadium are worth $25-$35. 


Val on a ring indicates that it is made of Valadium. It is a cost-effective alternative to expensive metal alloys such as sterling silver and white gold. It contains nickel and remains scratch-resistant for years.

Now that you have learned about the significance of Val on rings, you can make informed and pocket-friendly choices for yourself.

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