TW stamped on a ring or on other piece of jewelry holds a valuable meaning behind it. TW basically means the ‘total weight’ which refers to the total mass of all diamonds in a piece of jewelry.  

The total weight of a diamond ring and the carat weight of one diamond are considerably different, which might be confusing for the first buyers. In this article we will assist you regarding to TW and its worth, so you won’t be confused next time.  

Are TW diamonds real? 

TW diamonds are authentic gemstones.  They are genuine since they refer to the total weight of diamonds contained in a single large diamond. TW is a 15-point scale that represents the total carat weight of diamonds in jewelry.

Other stones on the jewelry, such as opal, a, or pearls, are not included in the weight. TW is also used by jewelers to quantify lab-created diamonds. 

What does TW stand for on a ring? 

Total weight, or TW, is an abbreviation used in the jewelry business which refers to the total weight of diamonds in a piece of jewelry or on a ring. This is a crucial concept in diamond jewelry since the total weight of the diamonds determines their overall worth.


What does TW on gold mean? 

Stamps and markings are imprinted on real gold jewelry pieces. They may include information such as the item’s gold purity, a maker’s mark, and other details about your jewelry. TW on gold jewelry stands for total weight. 

This is a term used by jewelers to describe the total weight of diamonds in a piece of jewelry. It solely applies to the diamonds in a piece of jewelry. 

What is its worth? 

The price of a 2-carat diamond differs based on its shape, cut grade, transparency, color, and other characteristics. A 2-carat ring can cost anything between $5,000 to $60,000 or more on average. Two rings with the same TW but different costs can exist. 


The average mass of all diamonds in a piece of jewelry is measured in TW. When shopping for jewelry, it’s vital to consider what TW stands for so that you can fairly compare diamonds of various sizes and weights. 

A diamond’s size is largely dictated by its weight. Two stones can be the same weight yet have vastly different appearances. A diamond with a greater TW will be more valuable than one with a lower TW.

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