TC is a jewelry hallmark in use by the popular “Taxco .925 Mexican Silver Store” as a hallmark for their jewelry. This business was formally started in 2016 by Sara and Andrew and is based out of Mexico.


The business came into being when the founder, Sarah, discovered that vintage Mexican jewelry that she purchased from her hometown of Zihuatanejo in Guerrero, México was becoming increasingly popular in the United States, and she was able to sell it in her local flea markets.

This hobby led to one scouring for more Mexican jewels locally, cleaning, restoring, and finally selling them. This further led to even more mature interest in this field where Sarah engaged in more research specifically on silver jewelry in the context of Mexican culture.

Initially, the business sold its small product portfolio online but as it grew, the need for finding a reliable and consistent source for these silver ornaments grew which led them to leave their then home in the States and relocate to Mexico to be near the source of their income and business products.

Present Operational Information

“Taxco .925 Mexican Silver Store” are presently based in Mexico City from where they travel to the town of Taxco.

Here, they are in contact with various artists and jewelers with whose assistance, they are able to develop innovative and creative new designs while still maintaining the classical cultural hint.

Pieces on offer are inspired by many popular revolutionary Taxco silver designs including “William Spratling, Margot de Taxco, and Matilde Poulat”.

The business does not have a retail outlet or any such physical presence but rather relies exclusively on the digital medium to sell its goods.

Copper Jewelry

An important value proposition for this business is the use of Mexican Copper in their ornaments. Copper is considered an extremely durably metal that qualifies to be used in jewelry. Being easy to shape, imprint, and engrave, copper has been a popular choice for jewelry due to its versatility.

Mexican Copper has been popularized because it has a unique feel to it along with the fact that it is only used by the locals who have a specific design pattern that they follow which further establishes its uniqueness.


“Taxco .925 Mexican Silver Store” sells:

  • Bracelets – Ranges from 70 to 800 US Dollars
  • Rings – Ranges from 60 to 200 US Dollars
  • Necklaces – Ranges from 80 to 1900 US Dollars
  • Earrings – Ranges from 60 to 500 US Dollars
  • Pendants – Ranges from 70 to 300 US Dollars

As the name of the business suggests, most of the jewelry includes silver as the base metal with at least 92.5% purity (Sterling Silver) and in a similar popularity level, some ornaments are also based on 95% silver composition with the rest being alloy metals. (Mostly Copper)

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