The marks imprinted inside a jewelry not only represent the jewelry’s supplier or manufacturer. But also the precious metal’s carat weight or the stones used on it.

Even if you’ve located a stamp, you can be puzzled. Some stamps are simple, with a symbol like a letter ‘K’ to denote the number of karats. There are a variety of additional stamps that specify valuable jewelry but aren’t as obvious as the ‘K’ mark.

Some marks like ‘SW’, ‘925’, and ‘CZ’ are hard to understand. In this article, we will give a detailed answer about such marks and why these engravings carry valuable information.

What does SW stand for on jewelry?

SW can be an abbreviation of a place or a company that designed and manufactured a piece of jewelry. SW on a piece of jewelry could mean that it is from the South Western region of America.

SW can also indicate a company named Diamonique. This brand name is quite renowned for its cubic zirconia, gold, and sterling silver jewelry. Their rings and other pieces are quite famous for their elegant designs and durability.

What does SW 925 mean on jewelry?

SW 925 indicates that your jewelry is made of a precious metal called sterling silver. Sterling silver is lustrous, and has that distinct metallic gleam that jewelry consumers adore. It’s classic and fashionable. It is widely utilized in various jewelry designs. 

It’s a tensile metal that is both beautiful and long-lasting. Sterling silver is a 92.5 percent silver alloy with 7.5 percent alloy. 

While the United States, Europe, and much of the rest of the world adhere to a rigorous sterling silver standard of 92.5 silver to 7.5 copper or other alloys. Some countries, such as France, have a norm of 95 percent, however, the most common is 92.5 percent.

What does SW 14K CZ mean?

14k on SW jewelry means that it is made up of gold. The metal composition that is 58.3 percent gold means that it is a 14 Karat piece. Engagement rings, wedding bracelets, pendants, earrings, and other exquisite jewelry pieces are mostly made of 14K gold.

14K gold is a stunning metal is tough enough to be worn every day. A 14K jewelry stamped with CZ means that a stone used on it is made of cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconia is a colorless artificial gemstone made of zirconium dioxide in its cubic crystal form.

Although exceptionally rare, cubic zirconia can be found in nature in the mineral baddeleyite. The gemstones in all cubic zirconia jewelry are completely lab-created. 14K gold with cubic zirconia stone surely makes a beautiful piece of jewelry. 

What does SW 417 mean on gold?

SW 417 indicates towards the percentage of gold on a specific piece of jewelry. It’s a standard carat mark. The term “SW 417” refers to a piece that contains 41.7 percent gold and the rest is alloy.

Due to the low gold percentage, it is rarely utilized to create wedding bands or other fine jewelry. Instead, it is frequently used to design a cheap pair of earrings or bracelets.


Combinations of symbols are the jeweler’s or company’s trademark registration. They may also show the source of the precious jewelry.  In this case, SW means that either your jewelry is from southwest America or Diamonique.

Other three-digit numeric codes, such as 925 or 417, refer to the precious metal used. And a stone in this case is presented by CZ which means cubic zirconia. 

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