A maker’s mark is a one-of-a-kind engraving, placed on rings or bracelets, to prove the manufacturer’s legitimacy.

Stamps such as STS usually contain the manufacturer’s initials, name, or another distinguishing mark. The first step in estimating the worth of a piece of jewelry is to locate this mark. 

Some states, in addition to maker’s marks, require hallmarks, which are issued by the country where the production took place.

Additional information regarding the place of origin, the date of manufacture, and the metal content can be found on hallmarks. 

Such engravings are frequently found alongside the metal content stamp. Maker’s mark like STS belongs to a renowned company. The main aim of this article is to help you understand the meaning of STS engraving on jewelry.

What does STS mean on rings?

STS stamped inside a ring stands for STS Jewels Inc. Vaibhav Global Ltd. (VGL), a publicly-traded corporation based in Jaipur, India, owns STS Jewels Inc.

STS Jewels is a highly unified jewelry firm that manufactures and supplies pieces of jewelry around the world.

STS provides high-quality gemstones and gorgeous jewelry at a great price. They feature a large variety of rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, and neckwear in both traditional and contemporary designs.

The most fundamental quality of STS has been its collection of valuable, extraordinary, and precious gemstones. This has aided it in establishing a strong foundation in the jewelry business.

Is STS jewelry real?

Any ring band or piece of jewelry with the letters STS stamped on it means that it was made by STS Jewels Inc. and that piece of jewelry is real. They are well-known jewelers and have been providing their services for a long time.

Tanzanite, diamond, jade, turquoise, aquamarine, Russian diopside, and other gleaming & exquisite gems adorn their jewelry. 

It has production facilities in India and China, as well as sourcing facilities in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Indonesia. In India, STS also has a large gemstone cutting operation.

What jewelry company is STS?

STS Jewels Inc. is a reputable jewelry brand. Sunil Agrawal, the current CEO, launched STS Jewels Inc. in 1985 with an emphasis on natural gemstones. They had a long-term objective of becoming the most favored jewelry supplier.

STS Jewels Inc. has been a favored jewelry distributor to some of the USA’s most well-known merchants for more than two decades.

A team of highly skilled executives supervise the company’s professional management.

Nearly 3000 professional and trained individuals work for the company around the world, helping to design, manufacture, and distribute over half a million pieces of jewelry per month.


STS is a famous brand and each piece of jewelry they manufacture is made of high-quality materials and stones. They have been in the jewelry industry for a long time.

So next time when you find a ring or bracelet with STS engraved on it, you will know its worth and authenticity. 

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