Certain markings are commonly found on the inside of an engagement ring or any other jewelry. It can be on the bail of necklaces, and the clasp of chains & bangles.

You might have seen RC or RCI stamped on your jewelry. The worth of your jewelry depends on such markings. This article provides information about the worth and meaning of RC and RCI symbols on jewelry.  

Is Roberto Coin jewelry worth anything?

Roberto Coin or RC is a self-titled renowned brand that offers a variety of diamond, gold, and white gold jewelry. It is known for its finely designed, culturally inspired, and stylish pieces of jewelry.  

As being an Italy native, Roberto Coin was genuinely interested in giving rise to designs that were inspired by Italian art. RC jewelry is quite valuable because they design pieces of jewelry that are genuinely influenced by Italian heritage.

Roberto Coin jewelry only utilizes diamonds from free of sectarian strife areas. These are obtained from reputable vendors who follow the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) and the System of Warranties. 

The ruby in the inner side of most Roberto Coin pieces serves as the brand’s distinctive mark. Italy is quite famous for gold mines. It is well-known for producing the highest quality gold in the world. And this company uses pure gold from those mines. 

They have a wide variety of designs. Designs can range from casual wear to wedding bands. All these features mentioned prove that Roberto Coin’s jewelry is worth not anything, but everything. 

What does 10K RCI mean?

RCI is the abbreviation Royal Chain Inc. It is a jewelry manufacturing company in New York City, USA. It generates gold that is 10K, 14K, or 18K fine. 

10k refers to a gold alloy consisting of 10 parts gold and 14 parts additional metals like zinc, silver, or copper. In terms of pure gold content, 10K gold contains 41.7 percent gold. 10K gold jewelry is frequently stamped with a mark like 10KT, 10K, and 10kt.


If you are into jewelry that is a mix of culture and art along with attractive designs to make you look trendy, and up to date. Then nothing can beat the class plus beauty of Roberto Coin designer pieces, plus the fineness of gold percentage is not less of an asset. 

So it is crucial to know about gold percentage as well as brands name to ensure you purchase the right piece for yourself. 

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