PL as an acronym is used as a hallmark to describe the composition of a jewelry ornament.

Any such product with a PL label is considered to be composed of platinum. This symbol is usually followed by a 3-digit number combination that denotes the purity of the stamped ornament.

PL History

Platinum as a metal is considered one with a rich history. The earliest use of this metal can be traced back to ancient Egypt, 3000 years from now, where it was used for decorative purposes and was admired and in demand due to its strength and longevity.

It is mostly mined in Russia and South Africa and today, it is regarded as a jeweler’s first choice for the setting of diamonds and other gemstones.

PL Jewelry Advantages Over Other Metals

As compared to gold, platinum is considered 30 times rarer and 4 times stronger. These qualities make it a very in-demand metal along with some other advantages which are as follows:

  • Hypo-Allergenic properties make it the safest choice to wear
  • Color perfectly complements the set diamonds or other gemstones
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures or any other sort of damage

PL’s Fineness Hallmark Categories

Platinum is majorly classified as being under 4 different categories with the following fineness score:

  • 850 – (85% Pure)
  • 900 – (90% Pure)
  • 950 – (95% Pure)
  • 999 – (99.9% Pure)

PL Jewelry Maintenance Know-How

Platinum’s maintenance is mostly the same as other jewelry items. It should be cleaned periodically by dipping it in a mild and non-abrasive jewelry cleaner and then rubbing off the metal with a soft cloth.

Even though the patina formed on the platinum with some scratches is generally desirable, it can be rid of very easily by taking it to a professional jeweler to get it buffed and even polished for the shiniest look if the matte patina is not preferable.

When storing it, the safest way is to put it in its own little plastic or cloth bag to prevent scratching and rubbing against other jewels and preventing any unnecessary scratches.


Platinum has enjoyed surging popularity in today’s pop culture even though it is significantly more expensive than its gold counterparts. This coupled with the fact that it complements every diamond and other gemstones much better than any other metal has led it to be the metal of choice for the clientele who know what they are looking for.

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