What Is Palladium?

Palladium is a rare metal that is whiter in appearance and is used in the making of jewelry ornaments. It is a highly durable metal known for its resistance to tarnish with similar properties to platinum which makes it a good candidate for engagement rings and other ornaments.

Palladium is also known for its appreciating price which makes it a good investment for the future.

This article answers questions related to Palladium metal and its worth.

What Jewelry Is Stamped Or Marked PD?

Pd stands for Palladium, and jewelry that is marked Pd means it is created from palladium (atomic number: 46).

Palladium is quite similar to platinum in appearance, but it is less expensive, and it was considered a worthless by-product of platinum until recently when it become an important metal in the jewelry market. Palladium is of silver color and very hard in texture.

If a ring is market Pd it means it is either silver with palladium or it is a silver ring that is coated with Palladium which is used as a cost-effective substitute for platinum plating.

However, some jewelry is marked with PD (uppercase letter) which means premium design, so one should check properly before buying.

How Much Is a PD Ring Worth?

Palladium has gained significant popularity in recent times and has become a very important metal out of those four well-known metals: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Since the metal has become more valuable now, therefore, it has become more expensive and the price of a Pd ring also depends upon the size of the ring and the price of the diamonds embedded.

The price of palladium per ounce is $2,336. One can check the current price on websites such as monex.

A palladium ring will cost around the same price as a white gold ring. With this rate of palladium, exceeding the price of gold, it would not only make a good souvenir but also a good investment.  

From an investment point of view, the more quantity of the metal you buy the more cost-effective it would be.

The price of the palladium metal has appreciated both in good and bad times which is why it makes a good long-term investment.

Are Palladium Rings Expensive?

YES! The price of palladium is at an all-time high resulting in jewelry ornaments such as rings made of palladium metal being expensive.

However, the quality is top-notch and the metal is strong enough to be worn on daily basis.

The rings that are made of palladium consist of 95% palladium resulting in resistance to tarnish. 


Conclusively, Palladium is an indispensable metal that can be used for engagement rings considering its durability and can also be purchased as an investment keeping in mind its escalating prices of it.

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