If you don’t have the right information, buying jewelry can be a very maddening, time-consuming, and horrible experience. You may feel as if you’re being hauled around by the jewelry vendors.

Fabrication and forgery are widespread occurrences in the jewelry industry, and it’s critical to raise awareness about them. If this describes your jewelry-buying experience, you should think about a few things before you make a purchase.

When purchasing jewelry, it is critical to understand the metal’s quality. Make sure the metal isn’t scratched, the gems are in good shape, and the authenticity mark is visible on the piece of jewelry.

It’s essential to identify the stamps and hallmarks on each of your jewelry pieces, in addition to recognizing your metals and comprehending high-quality jewelry materials.

The PAJ 925 China stamp is a popular stamp that appears on a lot of pieces of jewelry that are thought to be made of gold. Let’s have a look at what it means.

What does PAJ China 925 mean on jewelry?

The marking PAJ on jewelry stamped with PAJ China 925 refers to the manufacturer Prime Art & Jewel, which has been honing the art of manufacturing jewelry that surpasses consumer expectations since 1976.

PAJ has established itself as one of the world’s premier jewelry manufacturers. Have you recently purchased jewelry and noticed a China 925 stamp on it? 925 China is a common stamp on jewelry that denotes sterling silver.

If you see 925 China inscribed on what you assumed was gold jewelry, it’s 92.5 % sterling silver that’s been gold-plated. Other metal components make up the remaining 7.2 %.

It isn’t real gold, but rather sterling silver with a gold outer covering. If you have a gold piece of jewelry with a 925 China stamp, it is gold vermeil, which is the term for silver jewelry with a thin layer of gold on top.


The PAJ 925 China stamp on gold jewelry represents that it is coming from a reputable manufacturer, but it’s still confusing as there is no such thing as 925 gold, and the investment you believed you were making is actually for gold-plated sterling silver.

Indeed, recognizing that the core metal used is valuable goes some way to validating the price, but the reality is that the advertising is deceptive, and 925 China is usually gold-plated sterling silver.

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