Some letters are engraved on gold and silver jewelry items to represent the purity of metal composition. These stamps help buyers know the manufacturer’s name and jewelry’s place of origin.

Goldsmith and Jewelers carve some letters that represent their initials or company logo. PAJ BB is also a symbol of a gold manufacturing company (PAJ, Inc). 

If you see a stamp PAJ on a piece of jewelry, it means that the item is produced by Prime Art & Jewel, a Dallas Texas-based company that has been designing and creating jewelry items since 1976 and exceeding consumer expectations. 

BB refers to Bronze Base, and the stamp PAJ BB on the jewelry denotes that the item is made from bronze base metal manufactured by Prime Art & Jewel INC. 

What does PAJ BB mean on gold jewelry?

Stamping is an inevitable step in creating, buying, or selling gold jewelry pieces as they denote the maker’s mark, gold composition, and the place where they are created. 

PAJ BB on gold jewelry symbolizes the designer or signature of the company, while BB denotes Bronze Base meaning that the item is not solid gold. 

PAJ BB on gold jewelry means that the manufacturer- the Prime Art and Jewel produced the item with brass material.

What does PAJ 925 China mean on jewelry?

When you see a stamp 925, it refers to sterling silver jewelry depicting 92% real silver content alloyed with other metal composites. In addition, China stamping denotes the place of origin where it is created or marketed.

925 China means the item is 92.5% pure silver, and the rest 7.2% is composed of other metal elements, and its refinement is regarded as pure silver.

On the whole, PAJ 925 China on the jewelry means that the Prime Art and Jewel company created 92.5% pure silver jewelry, and the item is present in China.


PAJ is the signature or style of a jewelry-making company and represents the initials of Prime Art and Jewels. It has had excellence in designing and creating jewelry masterpieces since 1976.

BB refers to bronze base, and PAJ BB on an article means that the item is not pure gold, and Prime Art and Jewel PAJ have produced the item using brass material.

PAJ 925 China refers to the item being 92.5% pure silver or sterling silver manufactured by PAJ and available in China.

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