Rings on your fingers indicate your interests and fashion sense. Sometimes they also depict power, authority, or wealth. Whatever the reason may be, one needs to be cautious while buying them because different stamps on rings can tell a lot about their place of origin, metal purity, or worth.

Sometimes, you might have come across a stamp p 11 on a ring that may refer to different notions. 

P can indicate Pandora – a jewelry manufacturing company established in 1982 with its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, and located in Thailand, where the Company manufactures its jewelry. 

PANDORA rings are manufactured using lustrous precious metals, including 14k yellow gold, 14k gold-plated, 14k Rose gold-plated, and sterling silver. 11 stands for the sizes of the rings.

What does P 11 mean on jewelry? 

P on a piece of jewelry means plumb, and 11 can be the size of the ring. Sometimes, you find a stamp 14kP 11 on a ring. It means the item contains pure 14k plumb gold or maybe even more, and 11 denotes the size or maker’s mark.

Some pieces are often marked with P meaning plated, while EP or SP stands for electroplate or silver plate respectively.

What is it worth? 

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Pandora creates and markets hand-finished and contemporary jewelry made from high-quality materials at affordable prices. The worth of jewelry with P11 stamps depends upon the stones and material used in it.

E.g., an outstanding Pandora rose shimmering wish CZ Ring with a stamp P11 ALE MET 54 in size 7 is worth the Australian dollar AU$ 84.72.

Similarly, the cost of a P11P fantasy snowflake winter Christmas silver pendant with 30 millimeters in width and 30 millimeters in height is AU$ 44.91.


The stamp P on gold jewelry may denote Plumb gold indicating the exact gold or sometimes refer to as plate, and 11 may be the size of the ring.

It may also indicate a high-end jewelry manufacturing company Pandora that uses stamps P11 on most of its jewelry items.

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