The easiest way to tell where the ring in your hand was manufactured and which materials were used to design it is by finding the imprint on your piece. These hallmarks have been engraved on jewelry items to ensure the authenticity of the designer.

After reading this article you will learn about specific markings in rings representing particular manufacturers. In this way, you can make informed choices for your business. 

NVC is one of the important marks engraved inside rings and other entities. It stands for Nataliya V Collister design, a well-known jewelry designing firm. 

What does NVC stand for on jewelry?

NVC stamped on jewelry implies that it is an original piece of Nataliya V Collister’s collection, a business operated by Nataliya. This renowned designer specializes in distributing distinctive hand-crafted jewelry to worldwide clients.

All of their jewelry commodities are designed in a home studio which is located in Kingston Jamaica. The owner has expertise in working with sterling silver, 14K gold-filled wire, beads, faceted gemstones, freshwater pearls, and precious gemstones.

The company has in stock a wide range of meticulous hand-made rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants. 

What does NVC 7 mean on a ring?

NVC is also the initials of the designer authorized by the AVON products of New York. These are often followed by a number such as 6,7 and 8 that refer to the size of the ring.

So, if the ring is silver with an NVC 7 stamp, it indicates that it is an AVON product and the size of the ring in the USA is 7. 

What does 8 NV mean on a ring?

The NV stamped on a ring reveals the manufacturer’s name. This signifies that the ring has been manufactured in Nevada Silver Mines. In Nevada, The Rochester Mine is the only presently operating primary silver producer after the Greens Creek mine in Alaska.

Jewelry pieces designed by Nevada Silver Mines are made of Sterling Silver. This contains 92.5% pure silver content. And 8 is the average size of the women’s ring. 


Trademarks are representative symbols of the manufacturing company stamped into gold, silver, and platinum items. NVC is a hallmark for Nataliya V Collister’s company. NVC 7 on a ring implies it is an AVON product and 7 is its size. 8 NV is another hallmark used on rings suggesting these are from Nevada Silver Mines.

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