Markings and stamps indicate the type of jewelry, whether these are pure gold, silver, or other metal composites. They also symbolize the maker’s mark and location where it is designed and created.

Like many other letters, NS is also carved on some pieces of jewelry that might appear as SN while reading it upside down, but the actual stamp is NS and denotes nickel silver. It is advantageous as it is stronger than silver and its polish is long-lasting.

Nickel silver also refers to other names, like German silver (GS), new silver, alpaca, and paktong. To be sure, NS does not represent any manufacturer’s mark, and if you see it without any hallmark like 14K, 22K, etc., then it is definitely nickel silver.  

What does NS mean on gold jewelry?

Markings on gold represent the purity of gold content. Karat symbolizes its fineness as 24K is pure gold containing no metal composites. Lesser gold composition is alloyed with other metals like copper, silver, nickel and defined as 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, etc.

NS on gold jewelry means that the particular piece of item composes three metals, including gold, silver, and nickel. 

NS or SN also refers to rolled gold or gold-filled in a lozenge. The base metals are silver and nickel whereas, gold is denoted by a hallmark or logo.

What does NS mean on silver?

When you intend to buy or sell any silver jewelry make sure you witness the stamps or hallmarks engraved on these items.

NS stamp on silver means that the jewelry item does not comprise real silver content. It is alloyed with copper, nickel, or zinc and termed nickel silver due to the silvery appearance of the compound. 

A thin coating of real silver is plated on silverware or jewelry items, and the copper metal alloyed with zinc or nickel metal is used as a base. Silver-plated nickel silver is sometimes called electroplated nickel silver (EPNS).

Usually, the composition of nickel silver is 60% copper, 20% zinc, and 20% nickel. These ratios and other metals vary according to the substance as lead or tin is integrated into smaller amounts. 


NS symbolizes nickel silver and is also termed German silver or new silver. NS on gold jewelry means the item is made of gold, silver, and nickel, having the later twos as a base metal, and gold proportion is denoted in terms of hallmark.

On the contrary, NS on silver means the jewelry is silver plated on copper metal. It is alloyed with zinc & nickel and named silver nickel due to its silvery appearance.

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