There is an extensive range of jewelry pieces made by different designers in the market. You might have come across certain items with symbols such as mo or M imprinted inside. But you don’t understand its meaning.

Letters and digits stamped inside the jewelry allow you to determine the element used and the manufacturer’s name. This article has collected useful information about the significance of these symbols.

As Mo stands for Modena Italy, it means that the jewelry piece was manufactured in the Modena city of Italy. In today’s world, handmade jewelry from Italy is high in demand due to its uniqueness and stylistic innovation.

These trademarks are important because they provide the only evidence that a certain piece of jewelry has been designed by a certain jewelry maker. They are very helpful in differentiating between real and fake jewelry.

What does M mean on jewelry?

M represents Movado. It is known as a maker’s trace. These characters tell the buyer about the name of the manufacturing enterprise. These are engraved usually on gold, silver, or platinum items.

Movado is a company in Switzerland that was founded in 1881 by Achilles Ditesheim. The firm is known for its watches and produces some articles in gold and silver.

Movado’s necklaces, rings, and pendants are praised by customers all over the world due to their iconic modern designs.


Symbols stamped on jewelry indicate the name of a manufacturing company. Learning about the full form of symbols in detail will relieve your tension of getting perfect jewelry for yourself.

Having knowledge about the engravings inside the jewelry is important to purchase the original product and protect yourself from trickers. Also, get your jewelry tested before paying for it as some individuals mark fake symbols on jewelry to defraud customers.

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