If you have an interest in buying rings, then you might have seen specific hallmarks being engraved inside them. But you don’t understand their significance. These markings identify where the piece was manufactured and which material was used to create it. 

One frequently asked question by consumers is what is the importance of M 925 written on rings. The 925 is a common hallmark used for sterling silver. It is an alloy that comprises 92.5% actual silver and the rest of the metal is made up of base metals like copper.

All pieces of silver are mixed with a particular percentage of alloys as pure silver is extremely soft and inefficacious to work with. 

Whereas, M indicates Manchester. The manufacturing companies in Manchester place these stamps on rings, watches, and other jewelry items to ensure their authenticity. This distinguishes the real pieces from the fake ones. 

What is it worth?

The worth of an M 925 Sterling Silver ring relies on the quantity of silver incorporated in the ring. The prices are different for ounce and gram. If you are intending to buy M 925 ring, then it will cost you from on average $20-$30.


Rings made of Sterling silver have a 925 stamp usually inside them. M is a trademark that is evidence that a certain ring has been manufactured in Manchester.

Now that you are aware of the worth and authenticity of M 925 rings, you can make informed purchases for yourself.

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