You can find specific hallmarks in a variety of places such as inside a ring or the clasp of a necklace. These markings identify where the item was produced and the material utilized in its manufacturing.

After going through this article you would be able to know the meaning of one of the important hallmarks engraved inside rings. 

One important concern of jewelry consumers is that what is the significance of LTM being written inside a jewelry piece. Well, the answer to this query is that it stands for “Lustrium” which is an alloy of nickel and chromium. It comes in yellow and white color. 

How much is it worth?

Lustrium is not an expensive metal though it offers a good level of stability. Lustrium rings are cheaper than sterling silver and can be a budget-friendly option for you. You can get a white lustrium ring for $299 from Jostens. 

What is Jostens White Lustrium?

Josten is a jewelry company in the United States. They have acquired over 150 years of experience in serving the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Moreover, they have established 10 facilities in North America. 

The company has a lot of choices when it comes to class rings. They also have a huge collection of sports and graduation rings. 

White lustrium is a Josten’s exclusive. It is composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other precious metals generally copper, palladium, and rhodium. The copper component makes the white lustrium stronger and more durable than pure silver and yellow lustrium.   

What is Jostens Solaris Elite?

Solaris Elite is a trademark and brand of Josten’s corporation. It is a metal alloy that incorporates 25% gold content. When talking about karats, it includes 6K out of 24K gold. It is a bright yellow metal that is durable as well as affordable. 


LTM is a marking usually seen inside rings which indicates that the piece is made up of lustrium metal. It is less costly than sterling silver.

White lustrium comprises 92.5% silver content and is more reliable than pure silver. Whereas, Solaris Elite contains 25% of gold which is equivalent to 6 karats. 

After getting this beneficial information about the engravings on a ring, you can make informed purchases that meet your needs.

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