Buying a piece of jewelry is a real challenge, especially when you go to buy an item and see several markings, letters, or stamps carved inside it. In this article, we have gathered some useful information about the stamp LS when engraved on different jewelry items and their worth.

Your ring collection adds special touches to your daily outfits, like a dainty ring, whether worn alone for a decent look or stacked with other amassing rings. 

If you see a stamp LS on a ring, it refers to the brand name Louis Stern Co, who produced 18 carats 925 sterling silver gold plated rings in unlimited designs with CZ stones.

What does LS on jewelry mean?

Three brothers Isaac, Louis, and Benjamin Stern founded the corporation Stern’s in 1868 in New York. They merchandised fashionable goods, chic clothing, and accessories that ladies from all over New York came to visit Parisian fashions brought by brothers from Europe.

In the meantime, Louis Stern- a leading Stern brand- started operations in 1871 that dealt with silver and bijouterie jewelry until the 1950s. The primary focus was drawn on elegance and quality while producing gold-plated jewelry items. 

An important point to note is that there raised confusion with the LS labeling since the LS word mark is used by a minimum of ten LS jewelry trademarks; each having differences in their style. So, Louis Stern’s markings vary from one another at different times.

What does LS mean on gold jewelry?

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All Stern jewelry is undoubtedly a rare vintage of collectible value, and the markings on jewelry contain stamps such as L-S Co, 1/20 10 K GF (gold filled). The stamps on gold jewelry mean it is gold plated or gold filled.

What is it worth?

The rings worth depends upon the styles, sizes, and designs, e.g., a vintage gold-toned ring stamped LS is worth US $10. 

On the contrary, a ring featuring a dainty gold stacking ring with white opal and a CZ sterling silver ring having a stamp LS012RS is worth AUS $29.81. 

Another vintage ring marked LS 925 sterling silver Thailand & movable double side inlay ring size 8.5 costs up to AU$ 52.94.


LS on rings or other jewelry items refers to the Stern Louis brand, initiated in New York in 1871. They produce vintage gold plated jewelry that is well-known world-wide for its unique designs.

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