Stamps denote the manufacturer’s identity, and hallmarks refer to the purity of the metal in a piece of jewelry. 

LIND stands for Lindberg Corporation, a company in the metal casting business. If you see a stamp LIND on a ring it refers to the initials of the manufacturer’s name. 

In simple words, LIND on a ring means Lindberg Corporation- the name of the brand that manufactures the rings. 

What does 14kt HGE LIND mean on a ring?

HGE stands for heavy gold electroplating, where the metal is plated in gold. The stamp LIND refers to the initials of a costume jewelry manufacturer, and 14kt represents purity.

When we witness markings on a ring that indicates 14kt HGE, it depicts that the gold is not pure or solid gold but is a covering for some other metal, and the ring contains 14 karat gold in heavy gold electroplate. 

The thickness of gold electroplate is usually ten-millionth parts of an inch. This type of jewelry looks tarnished once the base metal is exposed as its layer wears off easily over time.

What is it worth?

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The worth of a ring with a stamp 14KT HGE LIND is not as worthwhile as that of a 14k ring. The reason is that it tarnishes easily, and most pawn shops don’t take HGE jewelry whereas a thrift shop or costume jewelry dealer would give you next to nothing for it. 

As far as I know, you can expect between $10-20 Australian dollars or US dollars $7-15 if you sell it online, or you may get $20-$25 if you sell it yourself. 


LIND refers to the manufacturer of LINDBERG CORPORATION. The stamp 14kt HGE on a ring means that the manufacturer made 14kt heavy gold electroplated ring. Its worth is less than solid 14k gold as it wears off easily.

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