There are certain hallmarks engraved on rings and other pieces of jewelry by jewelry manufacturing companies to inform the purchasers about their manufacturers. You might have discovered LGL being inscribed on rings while visiting jewelry shops. 

This article has been written to provide you with detailed information regarding this mark to facilitate you in making informed purchase decisions. 

LGL is the hallmark used by Leer Gem Limited, a jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler based in New York. This hallmark serves as an identity mark of this company. 

Leer Gem is a renowned supplier of fashion jewelry in the industry. It came into being in 1972 to work as a major source for loose precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Later on, the company started designing colored stones and pearl jewelry to fulfill their customers’ demands. 

What is it worth?

The worth of the LGL ring depends on the type of karat you are buying. Most of the rings are available in 10 karats and 14 karats for customers at prices ranging from 55 USD to as high as 186 USD.

Moreover, the corporation offers the best deals on 14k yellow gold diamond engagement rings to help their consumers make considerable savings. 


LGL is the hallmark used by an eminent jewelry designing corporation Leer Gem Limited. It is located in New York and specializes in manufacturing semi-precious gemstones and pearl jewelry.

After going through this article you can make economical and profitable choices for yourself and your business.

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