Jewelry makers carve stamps and hallmarks on their ornaments to distinguish their products from other brands. These stamps indicate the initials, logos, and metal alloy used in a particular item.

In this article, let us understand the notion of LC stamp on jewelry such as rings, earrings, and the brand it represents. Before we answer the question, you should notice the style of stamps and letters carvings on jewelry. 

LC may refer to different manufacturers, e.g. a stamp of LC having a capital L, and smaller c stands for Louis C Marks.

He was a vintage jewelry designer in the 40s. On the contrary, a slanting LC on jewelry denotes Liz Claiborne- a late American fashion designer and businesswoman.

If you see the capital letter LC on jewelry, it represents the initials of jewelry maker Lauren Conrad. She is an American fashion designer, clothing brand owner, and television star. 

LC on gold and silver jewelry symbolizes different meanings. LC mark on silver stands for sterling silver, meaning the piece of jewelry essentially contains 92.5% pure silver bonded with another metal, like nickel or copper.

LC stamp on gold means 10k gold, also called gold plated jewelry.

What jewelry brand is LC?

Lauren Conrad or LC is a brand for women’s jewelry – Poshmark.

What does LC mean on a ring?

LC on the ring means the designer Lauren Conrad manufactured the item. She incorporates 10k white and rose gold to make rings which are regarded as the lowest quality karat gold alloy but legally classified as fine jewelry. 

The gemstones such as green quartz, morganite, and blue topaz in jewelry are a combination of commercial-grade diamond melee and vary in shapes, like full cuts and single cuts.

What does LC on earrings mean?

LC on earrings refers to the Lauren Conrad brand. Her earrings are gold plated, sterling silver, and other metals.

On the contrary, LC may also symbolize Lobster Claw type closure when you see LC stamp on silver earrings.


LC represents different meanings on jewelry, such as capital L, and a smaller c indicates Louis C Marks whereas, inclined LC on jewelry denotes Liz Claiborne who was a businesswoman and fashion designer.

LC stamp on jewelry also represents Lauren Conrad- an American manufacturer of branded jewelry and clothing. 

LC on rings denotes 10k white or rose gold manufactured by Lauren Conrad. LC stamp on earrings may refer to Lobster Claw type closure.

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